Large shell case


I obtained a very large shell case which had been made into a ash tray. It is stamped on the base ‘NS LOT 21’ and is 10.5 inchs in dia.across the base. It has three butt rests made of English coins but due to the radii I can’t make out the date .There are no marks on the igniter or retainer.


I don’t have any data on any British ammo cases of that size. The US 8 inch L55 naval gun (the autoloading gun in the post-WW2 Des Moines class heavy cruisers) had a rim of 267mm, which is the closest match in my sources.


Tony, is the 8"/55 round used in the MK71 MCLWG program gun (Experimental) the same as the L55 you refer to? I have no measurements on it.


Yes, it used the same 203x1,280R ammo. The MK71 was originally intended to fire a 175mm round but this was changed to use up the Navy’s large stocks of 8 inch ammo.


I would tend to agree ---- but the lack of markings tend to confuse me.The detonator retainer looks like my other U.S. cases but again no markings.

thanks guys