Large shell casing ID

Hello all, I recently picked up this large shell casing at a gun show here in Missouri. Although the gentleman I bought the casing from was very nice, he did not have much information on the casing itself. I found it very interesting and have a couple of uses for it. I do not collect large shell casings but have other plans for this one and I felt that the price was right so I went ahead and purchased it. I am looking for any information on this shell casing (what the dimensions are supposed to be, what it was used in, what the projectile would have looked like, where it might have been used, where it was manufactured, etc.). Thank you all in advance for any information that you provide, you continue to be a wealth of knowledge. Hopefully the photos show everything needed. If not, I would be more than happy to take more pictures and get them posted.


U.S. Navy 3-inch 50 Cal. Cartridge Case, Mk 7.
50 Cal. = The length of the gun barrel, for this gun the barrel is 50 x the caliber of the barrel or 50 x 3-inches = 150-inch gun barrel.
N.G.F. = Naval Gun Factory
The initials J.J.N. to the right of the anchor = inspector’s initials
May be post WW2 production, unable to read all the of the headstamp. The “50” on the primer may signify 1950.
Versions of the Navy 3" gun were in use from before WW1 and may still be in use in one form or another. Many different projectiles were used over the years.
I’m sure Ray Maketa will be along and fill in any details I failed to mention or make corrections.


Brian covered it pretty well. The only thing I can add is that it appears to have been originally manufactured in November 1948. There’s no way to tell what the original projectile may have been.



Vey nice cartridge, even has the VT Mk 58 proximity fuze!