Larger than 14.5mm, shorter than 6" OAL?

I have acquired a nice little shadow box with premade slots 2 inch by 6 inch (tall) and I’d like to get some inert large caliber shells for it. I need a bit of guidance on where/what to look for to find Over All Length of various “shells”.

Hints on where to acquire inert “bigger than small arms” cartridges in/shipped to Canada would be a bonus.

I suppose an utter lack of response is a good thing, in that it keeps me focused on small arms cartridges.

I’ll throw in my 2 cents worth. There are others that know more about the big stuff than I, but I think you are somewhat limited by the 6" max height. There are still a few options, though. A couple things that come to mind are 1" Gatling and 37mm projectiles (without the case). Both of those should fit into a 2" x 6" space. Another option is 40mm Bofors projectiles, but there won’t be as much variation as the 37mm.

There are quite a few 37mm variants from several different countries from the late 1800s to WW2 (enough to warrant a 3 volume set of books on the subject “A Gun for All Nations: The 37mm Gun and Ammuntion” by Robert Mellichamp).

Not sure about shipping to Canada, although in theory inert stuff should not be a problem. But I’ve also heard stories about customs confiscating them, even though they are clearly marked “inert.” Maybe try and look for the category Ammunition>Large Bore, Inert & Cannon Ammo.


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Thank you for that, Larry.

I feel I was unclear in my request. I’m only looking for a pointer on where to look for dimension information. Either Google sucks, or (more likely) I do.

I’m not wanting to be spoon fed, only guided.

Sorry, I didn’t read your post carefully, so my fault. One possibility might be here:

There is a good selection of medium caliber military ordnance (up to 57mm) along with a photo and cm scale of each round. I find the photos a bit small to read the scale in many cases, but I think you could get close enough by counting centimeters.

Hope this helps a bit.


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