LASER GUIDED SABOTED .50 Caliber Bullet Article

Well this blew me away.

Jason … -possible/

We talked about these some back in this thread:

They seem like the kind of thing that would be wanted on unmanned ground or marine vehicles to aid in quick target disposal after painting any & every nearby target of choice. Also good for roof-mounted guns on trucks where you don’t need to have an operator standing out in the open to get the gun so much on target.

Not sure how I missed that thread! Thanks DK! Super fascinating .50CAL!


The next development would doubtless be IR homing. Which would enable the manufacturers to use an unbeatable marketing slogan:

“One round to rule them all
And in the darkness find them”

(With apologies to Tolkein!)

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That would be awesome! I bet the Marketers would love the quote!

A couple of prototypes





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Pepper what are these???

I was told they are mock ups/models/”prototypes” for the .50 cal. project EXACTO (Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance) and come from two different big name manufacturers.

The blue is a poly plastic and the three piece is all metallic (different metals) and is nicely/finely machined.

More than that, I do not know.

Did I jump the gun and make a bad presumption that they “kinda” fit this thread topic ??

If so…“my bad”

Thanks for clarification. Great to see these!

I googled it a bit and found this: … 48,00.html

Those prototypes are incredible! The fin assembly on the all metal one looks a lot like the fins on the 105MM HEAT projectile and the Davy Crocket Spotter. Awesome article also.


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As you have noticed there are no real photo’s of the guided small arms projectile. The way it is guided it not for general knowledge at this point. If you get my drift.
I started on guided projectiles in the mid 70’s and results were good. I remember one test where we fired a 5"/54 projectile at a white sheet 15,000 yards away from the gun. The projectile missed the center of the target by 18". It was considered a failure!

This was the second prototype projectile made with the help of Colt,AAI Corp, Martin Marietta and Crain. It worked much better and had a very impressive range. This bad boy will chase an aircraft if the pilot knows he is being chased and tries to evade. It used a Shape charge and expanding rod war head combo that could knock out any tank or aircraft.
The new projectiles are truly impressive as you might. expect. With the invention of the micro chip awhile back that can withstand 15,000 G’s, what is being/has been developed is impressive.
We have projectiles that “sees” a humans body temp, “smells” a humans body ammonia and other amazing tricks to get the bad guy. You aint seen not’in yet.

WOW, that is impressive! The future of ammunition is intense. Ammo that can see your thermal image and sniff out its targets scent! They should call it “Predator Projectiles”.


That “sniffing” homing device goes back to Vietnam times as roumors said back then. For that reason the Vietnamese put urine drained cottonbags into the trees. I wonder what is true about that.

It looks like they have now perfected the guided rocket with project DAGR:

I came across this article in The Daily Telegraph newspaper from the 1990s when I was looking for something else. Thought it might be of interest because it gives a good explanation of how the BLAM round was to be steered (laser guided, piezo ceramic tendons to pull the nose section in different directions which was mounted with a ball socket.) Designed for aircraft cannon.

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