Laser snap caps - 2 types


I have known about the company “Lasersnap” for a little over a year now, and apparently there is another start-up trying the same thing. He uses the name “Light Sight” and is only just now selling on Gunbroker to get things going. His design is similar to the Lasersnap, but his are silver color instead of red/black, and he tells me that his are better since the Light Sight is machined from a single rod of stainless steel, then machined to have a screw cap in the base for replaceable batteries. Apparently he originally wanted to use the name “Laserfire”, but then found that this name was already trademarked, and so he has some mislabeled packages with this name for sale:

And his website is here:

And here is the website for the Laser Snap for comparison:

And further confusing the issue, here is a website for something else called “Laserammo”, but these are not really cartridge dummies per-se: