Last set of blanks / shot

Here are 3 more - a .30 Govt Rem-UMC blank, a paper shot (I think) sabot .30 Govt., and a .30-06 blank FA-3-10. I find the paper shot ctg interesting, it’s apparently some kind of formed paper casting.
Comments are appreciated. Thanks, lee

Lee - All three are blanks (for making noise). The center one has a “bullet” formed by rolling waterproofed paper and forming it in a die.


The paper bullet Krag blank also most likely has 5 grains of EC Blank powder in the nose of the bullet to ensure bullet break-up at muzzle exit…


does the blank powder detonate after it leaves the muzzle or in the barrel? Vic

Thank you all for your help on the 3 posts regarding blanks etc. I know enough to keep me out of trouble but obviously not much about these. They were part of what my dad left me and have resided in the back of the safe for many years, he probably got them from Bannerman’s in the 1930’s.
Any idea of the date of the 30-40 blanks? IIRC Rem-UMC was after WWI in the 20’s, is that right? lee

Lee–The REM-UMC headstamp was first used in 1911 after the merger of Remington Arms and U.M.C. It was used until 1961. The silver primers were introduced in 1921.

The two REM-UMC blanks most likely were produced in the late 1930’s…