Last years of Carcano ammo (and guns)

May someone refresh my memory (?) of the last years of post WWII fading production of Carcanos and their ammo. I am sure this has been covered before.


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You might want to take a look here: … er-carcano

And here is the part that covers boxes, some boxes pictured date to the 1960’s: … er-carcano


I have some 1962 Ammo, but it is noted by CESIM some was also made in 1972 (Last Lot?)

Rifles were Assembled up to April 1945 (German Surrender in Italy). After that, it seems only “repair and refurbishment” work was carried out for the New Republican Army; It is possible left over spare Parts were all used up in this program, and some may have survived to the “8mm” Postwar conversion Project for Export to Middle East (Egypt).

Carcano Carbines (Cav ) were still in use by Prison Guards in 1974 ( personal View) and for some Ceremonial uses. Patrolling Carabinieri still had them in Village and Small town Stations in 1975.

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I confirm CESIM database infos

The most recent Carcano I have ever seen is “SMI 972”, the most recent clip is SMI 971

Undoubtely SMI was the last maker of Carcano military ammo and clips

I confirm that, as far as I know, the 1972 S.M.I. is the last year of production with cartridges launch and ball
All other plants have completed the production before 1958
probably because in 1959 it was adopted 7,62x51 NATO