Late 19th early 20th century powder cans


I understand this may be a bit off topic. I was directed to this site from another BBS where I was told you may be able to help me out.

I acquired a couple of DuPont shotgun shell powder cans. I recently saw one of these at the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show and was surprised to see they might have some value.

I would like to pass these on to a collector as I have little interest in them. I can post details and pictures if/when they will be helpful.

The cans are full and still have their paper seals intact. Thus I haven’t emptied them as I don’t want to damage the seals.

Can anyone help me out with a BBS or collectors forum where I can ask about these?




Actually powder cans are NOT off topic on this forum. A number of the IAA members collect them.

Go ahead and post the pictures.



I’d like to see the descriptions and photos also.

Don’t let the prices you saw at the Vegas Gun Show go to your head. Been there, done that. They are usually a “little” high. But there is interest in the cans.

Also, you need to tell us where you live because shipping full cans could be a problem.



Thank you for coming up with a topic which doesn’t interest me. Much appreciated.


ME. I like all this stuff. And I REALLY do appreciate everybody’s input. Luckily, I’ve not limited myself to anything specific and am open to new items of interest in this field. I’m thinkin’ the majority of us are in that “phase”.


Ray, I am not fooled by prices in Las Vegas. When you think something is worth nothing anything above that is a bonus.

BTW do you post on a long range shooting site? Your name looks familiar.

Here is the only picture I have on my computer at the moment. This is a picture of BOTH cans not a cut and past of one can.

Thanks for any help.


I forgot to answer the question concerning location. Shipping would be from northern Utah.

I am actually interested in loading some of this powder with fiber and card wads to send off for ballistic/pressure testing. I load and shoot low pressure shotshell loads in older guns and would like to pressure test this powder for comparison purposes so emptying one or both cans would not bother me.


Not a problem CSAEOD, I’ll see if I can come back often with less than interesting topics. Over the years I have amassed a bunch of stuff that I could post about. I have some .30-03 brass with some interesting headstamps, maybe that will be next. Or the rivet driving loads or the WWII brass shotshells loaded with buckshot in militiary boxes…



Those are very good photos. There are several IAA members who specialize in powder cans and hopefully one or more of them visit the Forum and can help. If not maybe I can get you in touch with one.

I wrongly assumed that the powder was black which would have presented shipping problems. For smokeless all that would be necessary is to pay the HAZMAT fee which is now at about $15 per shipment.

Yes, I am a long range shooter and often visit the “other” forums. You??




You caught something I never noticed. Being smokeless it would be relatively easy to ship. Most of my ‘collectable’ stuff was picked up incidently thru the years. I don’t know much about powder cans and don’t have much interest in them. I know a collector will take better care of these than I currently am.

I am at work so I don’t have the exact web page but I post occassionally on a couple of long range sites. I posted recently about an 03-A3 target rifle in .30-338 built for an Air Force shooter in the '70’s. I think you replied to one of my questions.

Palma Team Member Richard Anthony was a friend of mine before he died. I have only shot in a few rifle matches at Ben Avery in Phoenix. Most of my rifle time was spent trying to shoot small groups at extended ranges from a bench.

Best regards,



To the top for one last chance at information on these cans.




While we are on this subject, I have a red metallic tin, about palm size, with a paper label saying: ICI Gunpowder FFFG Made in Great Britain 1 LB net. It is empty and I’d like to swap it for ANY ammo.


I have a lot of old French and Italian powder cans to sell or trade against shotshells.
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