Late Gift From Santa for Ray



Santa left this under my cyber-tree by mistake. Thought I’d send it along and wish all a very Happy New Year.



Another cool one there, Dave. You’re good.

Ray’s probably gonna send you one of those “space pencils” now. Lucky dog.


Man, that’s cool! Really ART!


Thanks Dave. It will be the first in my collection of virtual cartridges.

Happy New Decade to all you collectors and accumulators out there in cyberspace.



Thanks for the kind comments and hope all enjoyed the Holidays.

Regarding Ray’s new virtual cartridge, I was wondering about two things on the more technical side:

  1. The only image of this headstamp I know of is from the TM shown here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7395
    The font looks to have a “1” with a “shelf” and a “base”. The drawing of this headstamp by Mr. Scranton in HWS II shows the “1” to be plain without either.

Any thoughts on how it should look?

  1. What would the primer’s external material likely be? I showed a rendition of brass material for best guess. Would it more likely be other (tinned, zinc…)?

Thanks for any input on these details.




I can’t speak for Gene but I would guess that not having an actual cartridge in his hands, he drew it as he judged it would be, or, as the drawing is labeled, a “reconstruction”. Typical FA headstamps from that period had plain letters.

The primer most likely would have been the standard service FA 70. Oval brass. Crimped. Possibly a red or purple seal.

In other words, the FA 40 NM headstamp except for the 41. That’s exactly what Gene drew.



Good one, Dave! What software do you use?



The software I use is SolidWorks. You generate dimensionally accurate models and assemble the parts. For a realistic look there is a photo rendering package I just started playing with. It even allows for safe and “guilt free” sectioning…



Wow! Again.