Latest & earliest known Farsi hs on Iranian 7.62x39

Is there anybody who can provide info on the latest & earliest known year Farsi hs on Iranian 7.62x39?

So far I know about 1966 to 1971.

(Agent provocateur:)
EOD, I bet you already know more than most of us!


Hans, knowing “something” does not mean to know it all (I guess this is an experience we all have). Means I am well aware that there is certainly somebody who can extrend the data range to earlier or later than the years mentioned above.

In fact I would like to know two things:

  • did they ever stop using Farsi? (that we see export stuff with only numerical hs does not mean much)
  • if they stopped using Farsi (we may never find out) what is the latest documented hs then?

Or asking the other way round:

  • what is the earliest Iranian (or suspected to be) numerical hs as we know them today (caliber at 12h and year at 6h pos.)?

In my photo files from the web I just found a Farsi 1977 btw…

Farsi 1977 or 1377 ??


All it said was “77”. What I meant was that it was a Farsi script hs. Not the Farsi calendar.

Ok, thanks to Hans I got zeroed in about the dates on Iranian Farsi hs (I had a different understanding as for when the Iranians applied the old system - seems they never stopped).

So the currently known (to me) Farsi years are 1366-1377 what equals 1986-87 to 1997-98.

The initial question remains: anybody out there who knows earlier or later dates?