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hello all,
Picked these up a few days ago.

Got 3 rounds with the Robin Hood box. 35 auto box was empty so I am looking for someone who would like to part with a round so I can keep it with the box. Got 10 rounds with the UMC box. Also a few 32 S&W US rounds in the Robin Hood box. If anyone can make out the stamp on the bottom of the 35 auto box I would like to know what it says and what it means, Cant make out first part of the stamp.
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The red stamp may be “F24D BR”?

F24D is what I am seeing and is the date code and should indicate September 24, 1914. The BR is an inspector code, line code, shift code; we don’t know for sure. Corrections welcome.


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If I squint just right it could be an “H” which is 1916. Regardless the large red circle on the front indicates it the box likely comes from the WWI period. On 9mm Luger boxes of this style the small red circle seems to have been adopted in 1919. Your label has the small letter style for the arched Remington name under the cartridge. This apparently introduced some time before 1919 although my 1917 boxes have large letters this could be because the boxes were not reprinted until the old boxes/labels were all used up. A few years difference on label changes for different caliber cartridges’ is not unusual.

Nice boxes, particularly the Robin Hood. When I was a young collector, there were a couple of “old” guys who would tease me by asking if I had found one of the Robin Hood 9mm Luger rounds yet! Hearing this, a well known St Louis collector showed me the notebook from a senior (perhaps THE senior engineer) and noted that all known Robinhood produced calibers were mentioned but 9mm Luger was not in the book. The truth is that I was disappointed. The idea of finding an RHACo headstamped 9mm Luger made “dime” boxes (it was a long time ago) particularly interesting to me!



Thanks for the reply Lew. I have something for you that I forgot about. Will get back to you

Thank you Randy. I thought it was an F but was’nt sure

Thank you skvlad. Randy replied the same

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Hello Lew, hope you are doing well. If you are still interested in the glisinti it is yours. I would prefer a shot shell trade.

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