Latest Igman and Prvi 7.62x39mm dates?

When Yugoslavia dissolved and became Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, etc…
Igman and Prvi Partisan continued production of 7.62x39mm, presumably to the same specifications as always. When did production resume post-civil war, and what are the more recent headstamps/dates from these factories? Admittedly my checklist is out of date, showing “nny 1994” as being the most recent.


Have NNY 2006 Blank-Brs. Have heard of NNY 7.62 x 39 SP-Brs. with the 500 ? rd carton dated 2010.Perhaps Russ has later date
Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
SGM. USA. Ret.

Modern civilian Privi is just headstamped PPU and undated but I presume your enquiry relates to military ammunition. The last lot of PPU 7.62x39 I bought was very civilian, uncrimped primers, bright cases etc.

I have nny 1999 and nny 2002, both brass ball and both came out of Iraq.

My latest listings are

010 95 brass/ball
011 95 brass/ball
IK 91 brass/various
ИK 84 brass/ball
PKI 1990 brass/ball
ППУ 2002 brass/ball
СMБ 2000 brass/blank


Very interested in discovering information about the head stamp “NNY” 1994.
Red (strawberry red) ring around primer.

In Florida…

Can anyone help?