Latimer, Clark, Muirhead and Co

To add a little to the knowledge base, and hopefully find further information.

When I had my collection, it contained a .45MH with the LCM & Co Millwall headstamp. I was recently asked about this headstamp, and immediately recalled the company name. Anytime I see those initials this name comes immediately to mind, even now 40 years later, for some reason.

This company was a major manufacture and supplier of telephonic equipment, both in England and overseas.
Seems around 1886 they decided to get into the ammunition manufacturing business, possibly because they already had many Government contracts because of their electrical expertise and supply.
In order to start up a factory, they obtained the British rights to the patent held by Lorenz of Germany, who also supplied their equipment. This naturally inflamed George Kynock who took any opportunity to cry foul with any opposition. To no avail, as the British War Office (Ordnance Department), placed an order with the company for 500,000 rounds of .45 Martini Henry Drawn Case Ball cartridges, on behalf of the Government of the colony of Queensland, in Australia.

From what I can tell, LCM & Co. only manufactured the cases and bullets. Caps were sourced from a British manufacturer, and apparently many failed. The cases were loaded by Dyer and Robson of Greenwich, using powder supplied by the Government, and presumable returned to LCM & Co for loading the bullets and packing. Would love to get a photo of the packet/bundle.

Because of the delays in delivery and quality problems, the contract was reduced by 300,000 rounds, with the statement that the execution of the balance would enable Messrs Latimer, Clark, Muirhead and Co. to show that the defects in the sample delivery could be overcome by them. How many were actually delivered, did they receive another contract? questions, questions.

I cannot recall seeing their headstamp on any other cartridges. Does anyone here have any? Perhaps this one venture convinced them to vacate cartridge manufacture, another question which needs an answer. There was in another post, the mention that they were bought out by Lorenz shortly thereafter. Again I have no information on this. Was this a fact, or assumption based on the original connection with Lorenz.

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I can give some info on this - Newspaper cuttings of the time, but am not able to post jpgs on this site.

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A little update.

Finally got a photo of the headstamp.