LAZY DOG Aircraft Area Munition for VNAF

I recently stumbled across a site hosting the annual command histories for the Commander in Chief Pacific (CINCPAC) from 1960 through the mid-'80s. I found an interesting tidbit in the 1974 history regarding an examination of establshing South Vietnamese production of the Lazy Dog munition for the VNAF.

[quote=“Commander in Chief Pacific Command History 1974 - Volume I, pp 248-249”]

LAZY DOG Weapon System as an Aircraft Area Munition

© Scientific Analysis Group Report No. 1-74 on the LAZY DOG system was requested by the Defense Attache in Saigon as part of his effort to cut down on the cost of the continuing war in Vietnam. He was specifically looking for items that RVN industry could produce at lower cost than comparable U.S. items. Air delivered munitions, all produced in the United States, were one of the single items of greatest expense. LAZY DOG was believed to be a highly effective but unsophisticated anti-personnel weapon. It had been purged from both USAF and Navy systems, but there remained many “assets,” missiles, dispensers, drawings, studies, etc., located in the Air Force and Navy R&D community that were considered useful. Further assessment was to be made to determine the feasibility of developing a LAZY DOG manufacturing capability in the RVN, and a capability for the VNAF to deliver it. 1

1. J35 HistSum Aug 74; Scientific Analysis Group Report No. 1-74 , 25 April 74, Subj: A Review of the LAZY DOG Weapon System as an Aircraft Area Munition.[/quote]

Interesting info!

Was not it too late to establish production in 1974? I remember the day in Moscow when my step-grandfather told me Americans lost the war. I, being 16 at the time, was more pre-occupied with girls than world politics, and it literally blew my mind away that a mighty military superpower could lose a war to a puny 3rd world country.

The Republic of Vietnam did not fall to the Communists until April 1975.

Odds are production was never established in the RVN, but it is an interesting footnote to the history of the weapon.

Has anybody ever heard about the effectivity of these or are any reports available on the use of them (time, location, situation, effect etc.)?

Well, I did some trading with a Vietnam era Green Beret who was in 5th Group…I had a complete Claymore Mine Training set he really wanted to get, so we did some horse trading. I ended up with one of his Berets, a VC battle flag he picked up, some photos of him, and other misc knick nacks…one of which was a Lazy Dog projectile. In his letter he described them, and said he personally witnessed their effectiveness. He said they would pretty much splatter a hitee’s head like a ripe melon. I can dig up his exact quote, and his AO’s if you wish…

pzjgr, thanks, that is a very plastic description.
I thought of a more official report which may sheld light on dispersion density (missiles per defined area) in relation to dropping altitudes, piercing effects on various materials (incl. light vehicles), mode of employment like which type of aircraft was used/preferred, injuries caused, and so many other details. I guess such a report will exist somewhere and would be most interesting to study.

…just a nother wish which hardly will become reality…