"Lazy Dog" ("Unguide Kinetic Missile") on GunBroker auction site

Keep in mind fellas ALL. ALL Ammunition (yes Inert. Dummies. Fakes and some could argue “models” are illegal to ship USPS

Why??? Example I was told. A paperweight or cigarette lighter pineapple grenade rolls out of a crappy packed box. They shut the post office down and call the bomb squad. I guess such has happened enough they made it “law”

I have received dozens of items USPS from folks who should know different

I’m all ears. Show me I’m mistaken

PS. The law has been in effect a lot of years 5 +/- ???

I think this actually applies to all nations postal services, if you read the fine print. Items can be couriered, depending on the company ‘rules’.

Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Mail > 4 Restricted Matter > 43 Firearms > 434 Replica or Inert Explosive Devices

Link to "433 Legal Opinions on Mailing Firearms"\ 63x17 Link to contents for "4 Restricted Matter"\ 63x17 Link to Index\ 46x17 Link to "435 Nonmailable Firearms Found in the Mails"\ 46x17

434 Replica or Inert Explosive Devices

Replica or inert explosive devices that are not dangerous, but that bear a realistic appearance to explosive devices such as simulated grenades, are permitted in the mail when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The package is presented by the mailer at a retail counter.
  2. Registered Mail service is used. (Registered Mail service is only available for items mailed as First-Class Mail or Priority Mail.)
  3. The address side of the package is labeled with “REPLICA EXPLOSIVE” using at least 20-point type or letters at least 1/4-inch high.

633 Inert Replica and Explosive Devices

The following types of replica or inert explosive devices are prohibited in international mail:

  1. Military ordnance, ammunition, and shells.
  2. Grenades.
  3. Similar devices that were originally designed for military or combative use (including training).
341.21 Nonmailable Explosives

Nonmailable explosives found in the mailstream must be immediately reported in accordance with POM 139.117.

Nonmailable explosives include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Common Fireworks . Fireworks are classified as Division 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, or 1.4 explosives depending on the degree of hazard. Fireworks include roman candles, skyrockets, helicopter–type rockets, cylindrical and cone fountains, pyrotechnic wheels, illuminating torches, firecrackers, salutes, and combinations of items that are designed to produce any of the aforementioned types of effects. All types of fireworks are prohibited from mailing.
  2. Fuses . Fuses are classified as Division 1.3 or 1.4 explosives depending on the degree of hazard. All types of fuses (except safety fuses as permitted under 341.22) are prohibited from mailing.
  3. Small Arms Ammunition . Ammunition is classified as a Division 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, or 1.4 explosive, depending on the degree of hazard. Ammunition that is regulated as a Class 1 explosive and designed to be fired from a pistol, revolver, rifle, or shotgun, as well as associated primers and blank cartridges (including those designed for tools) and propellant powder for use in any firearm, is prohibited from mailing.
341.22 Mailable Explosives

The following specific types of explosives may be mailed only when the applicable conditions are met. Full responsibility rests with the mailer to comply with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) regulations before mailing.

  1. Toy Propellant Devices . The proper shipping name for a toy propellant device is “model rocket motor” or “igniters.” A toy propellant device assigned UN0454 or NA0323 and classed as a Division 1.4S explosive is eligible for mailing in domestic mail via surface transportation only when prior written permission has been obtained from the manager, Product Classification, USPS Headquarters, Washington, DC. A device approved for mailing is subject to the following conditions:

  2. Each device must be ignitable by electrical means only; contain no more than 30 g (1.07 oz) of propellant; and produce less than 80 newton seconds of total impulse with thrust duration not less than 0.050 second.

  3. Each device must be constructed so that all chemical ingredients are preloaded into a cylindrical paper or similarly constructed nonmetallic tube that does not fragment into sharp, hard pieces; must be designed so that it will not burst under normal conditions of use; must be incapable of spontaneous ignition under 500° F; and must not contain any type of explosive or pyrotechnic warhead other than a small, activation–charge, parachute–recovery system.

  4. Each mailpiece containing approved devices must be prepared for mailing following Packaging Instruction 1A in Appendix C. A shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods is required.

  5. Safety Fuses (UN0105). Safety fuses consist of a core of black powder over–spun with yarns, waterproofing compounds, and/or tapes. Safety fuses assigned UN0105 as a Division 1.4S explosive may be mailed in domestic mail via surface transportation only when prior written approval has been granted by the manager, Product Classification, USPS Headquarters, Washington, DC. Mailable safety fuses must be prepared using Packaging Instruction 1B in Appendix C. A shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods is required.

Note: “Safety Fuses” are not to be confused with “fusees.” Fusees are rail and highway distress signals that are nonmailable Class 4 flammable solids.

  1. Shotgun Hulls, Empty Casings, Nonmetallic Shotgun Hulls, or Casings Without Primers . These articles are not classified as explosives or hazardous materials under 49 CFR and, therefore, are mailable subject to the applicable mailing rules (see 227).

Pfew……that’s a mouth full. To me I go UPS or FED-X. Ground.

Joe is correct. They just ask me if there’s anything dangerous. I have shipped inert items via USPS many times with no issues.

Same here. I am getting to the point of just using FedEx or UPS.

You used to be able to ship primed brass domestically with the USPS, but about two years ago, they stopped that.

Ever time I go to the USPS, I here the clerk asking everyone with a package " if there’s anything dangerous".

Yes, that’s correct. Maybe because of where I am and that they know me it’s not a big deal. Also most of the time I don’t have inert items anyway…UPS takes up more than 95% of my shipping needs anyway. Sometimes I will cheat if I think risks are low enough but that’s neither here nor there.

As far as anything inert I’ll just use USPS since it’s cheaper.

Our clerks say “Is there anything liquid, perishable or potentially hazardous”. And, I thought, primed cases were never allowed USPS. I’ve always sent these UPS (live primers).

Live primers have always been as far back as I remember HAZ MAT (not to confuse with ORM-D), but for some reason, primed brass was OK with the USPS in the past, and up until recently it was still not even ORM-D if you send it FedEx or UPS. However recently, DOT rules have changed, and you need an ORM-D label if you are shipping primed brass via FedEx or UPS…
Shipping PRIMED brass ? | 1911Forum

Maybe some (smarter than me). Split this off as a new thread ???

There are MANY sellers on eVilBay who charge stupid high shipping fees to make up for what they do not make on the item. Personally, I weigh what I sell, and if it can go 1st class I charge $5.95, and if it is heavier, I try to keep shipping to a minimum, just enough to cover cost of packaging and gas to FedEx/USPS.

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Hey, guys. It is unfair to beat the seller up on his shipping policy. Looks like 99% of his extensive listings are for live ammo, so his default shipping method is UPS. He encourages people to combine items for shipping and even offers to hold for an extended period of time. At $15 flat rate for everyone, everywhere (in CONUS), he is not turning shipping into a profit center. Yeah, it would be cheaper for this one item to ship USPS flat rate box or first class, but when messing with dozens of items it costs the seller time and effort to make a trip to the PO for one item when UPS will pick up a dozen every day.

Someone crazy enough to bid outrageous amounts for a lazy dog should not worry about saving a few bucks on shipping.


Yes, you are correct, that is exactly what they say to customers. I went and got a money order Friday, listened closely, and that is what they were saying to people.


Sorry Pepper, it seems like I always get caught hijacking someone’s thread.

He’s a great seller…I buy from him…I was just astoundly happy for him someone would pay that kind of of $$$ for a common (made by the millions) late 1950"s (this particular model)(there was an earlier variant made mide 50’s)…sorry not used in WWII as is commonly reported !!!


This morning it was $155… I would love to see the list of bidders/amounts like you can on eVilBay.

Just for the record, I was only knocking the shipping charges from eVilBay sellers, but MANY online businesses often charge 3~4 times the actual shipping costs, and ship packages by Priority when thay could have gove 1st class and gotten here within a one day difference- Been there, had that done to me…

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I just cant believe my eyes…

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Current price is over $200. and will still sell for higher. For the amount that this will eventually sell for, the winning bidder could have purchased a plane ticket to St Louis and bought one at SLICS for $1.00, with still money left over to buy a beer at the bar…

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…and meet with all the people!

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