"Lazy Dog" ("Unguide Kinetic Missile") on GunBroker auction site

Someone need to buy the poor sod a beer, actually a case if he / she ever reads this thread.

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Hence the phrase , “more money than brains”.


Oh how I wish that was true!

Insane!! 62 bidders and ultimately sold for $405. I suspect when the bidder receives the item there will be some disappointment. Or is there something unique about this that we’re missing? If not, a truly ridiculous price.


Possibly, but that way they wouldn’t have been able to prove themself to be the winner in a test of wills to show that money is no object … and is clearly secondary to the ego.

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I have been selling on Gunbroker for years (Things Galore), why don’t I have this kind of luck?
I have sold several of these on there. I start out at $1, and they end for no more than $3. I think I got $5 once, as three fellas went at it.
How does the old saying go “Some people have all the luck”.


I keep a bowl of them to give away to kids at the Bombatorium. That and a few flechettes and they go home happy - ordnance collector’s starter kit.


Well… Good for Ron, I hope they pay up. Capitalism and the free market enterprise…You have got to love it…


Wow what a thread lol!! I love the one about handing out flachetts and lazy dogs on Halloween… Like Joe said, hope they pay up!

I also have a feeling, given this group, we’ll see lazy dogs for sale everywhere lol!!

I am trying to find some to list, but I have no extras at the moment, and everyone I ask that normally has them is also out.

Lot of three on Ebay with 5 hours left are at $72.00

I have three that are pristine but my brother gave them to me and frankly, I don’t need the loot that bad…but 500 bucks is very tempting! I saw the Ebay ones as well…too pricey for lazy dogs!

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