LC .30 Carbine Box

Does anyone have a .30 Carbine box exactly like this one? I would like to know the lot number.


Fede - I thought I could help, but it turns out none of my five LC boxes is identical. I have two with near-identical wording, but on both of them, the “AMMUNITION LOT” is indented below the Nomenclature line, whereas yours is the opposite. Also neither of mine have the pre-printed “L.C.” at the lot number, and the “L.C.” is not part of the stamped lot number.

For what it is worth, my two boxes are lots 12164 (Ammo hs L C 43) and 12441 (Ammo hs L C 45).

It is interesting to note, I guess, that on my five boxes, their are three different names for the Lake City Facility:

Lake City Ordnance Plant - 1943 - 1945
Lake City Arsenal - 1953
Lake City Army Ammunition Plant - 1968

Wish I had more boxes, but then this caliber is kind of a sideline for me, only kept because of a couple of auto pistols chambered for it, and a true SMG (Dominican Republic) in that caliber.

John Moss

I had nothing, and I asked a friend, and He didn’t either.
Where did this picture come ?
Thanks, Dan

John and Dan, thanks for the help, I have not seen anything like it either.

Use of “Lot LC” without dots by Lake City Ordnance Plant seems to have started with lot 12800 and lasted until the final lots of the 12900 range.

Also, you can find it in the 39000 range because in the late 60’s some of the old boxes were used by Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. For some reason, the factory designation was not cancelled and corrected, as it happens with early Lake City Arsenal boxes in the 13000 lot range (dated August/September 1951).



I don’t have one like it either.
Here are the 4 LC styles of ball I have & the other photo has makers which use the “AMMUNITION LOT” & initials style line.
This “AMMUNITION LOT” & initials line seems to have used with early production. Peters boxes seem to use the later style with out this “AMMUNITION LOT” & initials line.
Hope this is of use.

Pete, thanks for the help and pictures. Ver nice box variations!

Fede–new to the Boards today–i have a box like yours and had it
30+ years in my collection–Lot is -----Lot LC 12762.
Hope this helps.
Is their a tutorial on how to load pictures on the site?
Thanks and a great site!!

Hi, welcome to the forum. I have a picture of a box with lot LC 12762 but the style is like lot LC 12801 shown in the last picture.

It would be great if you can post a picture of yours. Just open a new reply and drag the picture or use the upload function.



Fede, thanks will try and get it to you.
The sift is great!