LC 67 "match" vs "nm"


What is the difference between “national match” and “match”?



LC NM = Las Cruces New Mexico ???




Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant produced NM in Cal .30 from 1962 to 1966, and 7.62MM from 1964 to 1967 and from 1981 to 1983. Those marked NM were manufactured with special attention to detail, constant inspections, using the best bullets available, and loaded in quantity only after rigorous testing. Those marked MATCH were manufactured to the same specifications but without the additional care and testing and were placed into the regular distribution system for matches, training, practice and other uses.

Are those cases painted gray???




LC NM = Las Cruces New Mexico ???




Not painted at all.


Think SCAN, Ray.


I see what you mean by special attention, I guess the one below would never make “nm”, see at 3 o’clock. I get it, the one on the left is damaged, not painted, I think ejector maybe.



The circular mark at 3 o’clock is from the rifle’s ejector, not a defect in the case.

Don’t misunderstand what I said. All NM and MATCH ammunition was manufactured to the same specifications. It was all very good. It was simply that LC took extra steps to try to make some even better.

The primary difference was the bullet. All bullet manufacturers test constantly. There are always individual lots of bullets that are better than others. Nobody can tell you why nor can they re-produce the results at will. It just happens. At FA and LC, bullets from the best lots were set aside for use in the NM cartridges and other high accuracy loads such as International Match. This did not necessarily mean that the MATCH ammunition was inferior in any way. It was very common for it to be just as good. But the difference between the best and the worst was very small and hardly noticeable by even the best shooters.



Thanks, now I know it is an ejector’s mark, thanks to my own other post and generous answers.


Ray, if that is not paint what is peeling off the the base at 3 O’clock of the case on the left in the original post? Never seen nickel peel like that unless the case was buried in high alkali soil for a few years.




The Match cases were not nickled. I can’t say what is peeling. Only Vlad can tell us and he ain’t talking.



Actually it is not peeling, it is an ejector damage (mark) which looks like a peel on the scan.



Are we talking about the LC NM in the first photo? Maybe it’s simply because of lighting, or whatever. Can you post another photo?