Le 45a.c.p

According to IAA site, “LE” stands for “Lecco”. Up to now I’ve only seen Lecco as a part of GFL headstamp. Is “LE” common?

Vlad - the entry on the headstamp “LE” in the headstamp guide of this Web Site is a poor entry, as it is neither explanatory nor complete. However, you are reading and reporting something that is not there. You say that the entry says “LE” stands for “Lecco.” It does not say that at all. It simply says that cartridges headstamped “LE” are made by Giulio Fiocchi, of Lecco. You have read something into that that does not exist in the entry.

The reason it is a poor entry in the headstamp guide is that it does not explain that this is the headstamp of the “Leader” brand of cartridges, sold in Germany. The origins of the brand name are a bit complicated, and I don’t want to take the time right now to research and explain it all. It actually was explained once on another thread by Peter Petrusic, who knows the most about this company, although that thread may have been on the Old Forum, I simply don’t recall. Another reason it is poor is because it is incomplete. The “LE”-headstamped ammunition has also been made at least by Sellier & Bellot in the Czech Republic and by Povazske Strojarne (PS) in the Slovak Republic. Perhaps others. I have heard of it being made in Russia, at Tula Cartridge Works, also, but don’t think I have an example of that in my own collection.

As we all know, there are many commercial headstamps used on ammunition sold by companies that do not make their own cases, or in some cases, don’t even make their own ammunition at all. They are simply sales agencies, subcontracting out everything they sell.

The main point here, though, is to stress that you have to read these things carefully.

Hi, Vlad…Just an “aside” on the LE headstamp…if you find L-E on a .303 Brit…it stands for Lee-Enfield, and was made by Remington during the WW1 era…good cartridge…not a common headstamp…

Good thought Randy. Whoever is doing the headstamp guide now should add the L-E .303 to the headstamp guide. It is not an immediately obvious headstamp, since it was made by Remington, so it is an important one. It should be shown with the dash, as it appears on this headstamp. I have a dupe of that round - don’t remember if I packed it for St. Louis or not.

LE means the name of ammo dealer whitch is Leader Trading GmbH (link here leader-trading.com/indexframe.htm). They sell the ammo produced by the others.