Lead bullet 8mm


Anyone know what a bullet? Found as the only one among Werndl M.67 and M.77. Inside, the visible logo of Georg Roth and the number 521? Diameter 8mm, current height 12mm. At the moment I think its a 8x62 Jagdgewehr but still dont have any confirmation. Thanks for any information.

Not in the best condition…


The number is very hard to read, but the closest one I could find is number 530 for the 8.1x72R Brenneke.

530-1 530-2



Yes, for me too but for sure there is 52 and 1 or 7. Anyway GR could make bullets for other manufacturers? I cannot find 8.1x72 Brenneke strictly from George Roth.


The 8.1x72R was also made by G. Roth. Case number is 669.

Another possibility could be bullet number 525 for the 8.15x46R:


Is there a chance to take a look on your great source of information? ;) So is it impossible that bullet is from 8.2x62 Jagdgewehr?

They are excerpts from G. Roth catalogs (c. 1910 and 1927).

No, it is possible, because G. Roth used bullet number 530 for the 8x62R as well.

I understand. So I have a many options for one bullet. Thank you for help~!


The 8x72R Brenneke (aka 8.1x72R) is Roth case #755
The 8.2x72R Austrian (and Czech) is Roth case #669

Both very similar.

Are you trying to identify the cartridge you show or just the bullet ?

If you want to confirm the cartridge id, you need to show the case dimensions.

I try to match the ball to the shell. Photo of cartridge is just an example