Lead bullet


!Please explain this 9mm long lead bullet


This is incomplete there is a long lead bullet to this cartridge at this moment I have to abandon
all attemts to further send pictures or communicate further the frustration is just to great


Seeing the headstamp, regardless of the lead bullet with this
fired case, I would believe it is not original to the case. If I didn’t
have this headstamp, and was going to put it in my collection,
I personally would remove the bullet and discard it.


John Moss


Thank you John for the info I will follow your advice


Sherryl - Not my advice on what to do with your cartridge, but
simply what I would do if it is mine. Each person should collect
as he pleases. Can’t think of much reason for collecting anything other
than a deep interest in the subject and the fun of collecting it combined.

John Moss