Lead coating of artillery projectiles

In the US National Archives I came across this image.
It has a caption saying that the projectiles there are being lead plated.

I have never heard of this process nor have I ever knowingly seen such a projectile.
Does anybody have a specific knowledge about the process, what time frame it was in use, what the purpose was (corrosion protection?) and do images of such projectiles exist?

I know they used to lead dip M1 garand receivers to anneal them. Wonder if there was any relationship here.

This should be a different thing as no coating was done this way.
About annealing in lead I heard before.

Alex, they are plating the inside of the shells with lead to avoid corrosion. This process was to developed specifically for gas shells filled with acid.

Oneida was contracted to do this with 75 and 155 mm shells manufactured by other companies.



Fede, very interesting!!! Thanks a lot, I shall watch out for this in future.

Maybe Jeff can chime in too?