About time


Hmmmm…drawing looks real familiar !!!..Been alot of years since I made it…Randy


Hi Randy,
As I just purchased a digital camera, and my photography
reflects the fact, I went to the ammunition glossary section of the forum
to select a small picture to use to learn to post pictures to the forum.
After reading some of the technical advice I was worried that the blurry photoes of mine may stuff something up because of size.
I only looked at the picture as being part of the IAA site that I was using as a learning aid.
Hope you are not offended by my selection,


Try scanning headstamps in a computer printer. It gives quick awesome results with proper ambient lighting.


Your right, my document scanner put out poor headstamps, but your prompt caused me to think, and use Canon Scangear.






ADMIN COMMENT: Terry, nothing wrong with your posting, but it would be better for test purposes if you used the second part of the Forum, It was set up specifically for learning on and testing methods.


Must have mised something when reading technical advice, sorry!
but finally got a suitable size worked out.