Lebel charger

This charger has no markings and had 3 Yugo rounds “PPU 8x50R Lebel”. Is the charger of Yugoslavian origin? Looks to prestine to be French.

That’s a tricky one, all I can say is … possibly.

After the Serbian Army retreated out of Yugoslavia, first to Albania and then into Northern Greece they were largely re-equiped with French equipment, having lost much of their own and it made sense to standardise with the French forces then active in “neutral” Greece … alongside British and Commonwealth troops. Harking back to my bayonet collecting days there was an odd Lebel cruciform bayonet that was then thought to be a German conversion but once Yugoslav researchers arrived on the internet and into print it was found that these were post-1918 Yugoslav conversions … it would seem that use of the Lebel continued there in the post-war chaos maybe even until the end of the 1920’s, by which time there were sufficient locally made M’24 Mauser rifles in 7,9x57.

Without having a sealed box of PPU Lebel with a label saying “In Chargers” and finding one inside it’s impossible to know for sure … and even then they might be re-cycled ones from those supplied by the French during the 1916-18 period in Greece.

Apart from the Japanese made “Santa Fe” Lebel chargers from the 1970’s the only other country I know of, apart from France that made them was Poland, another big user of the Lebel … but those are really scarce, I’ve only ever seen one and it wasn’t for sale.


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Charger and cartridges are not related. This 8 x 50 R Lebel variant by PPU was not introduced until 2014 and was never packed in chargers.



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