Lee Reed

I bought some boxes in the US and with that came a sealed plastic box for
50 bullets. It has a yellow wrap around label which says on the front:
SWIFT A-frame Safari Bullets
On the back of the the label there is hand-written:

Swift Bullets Co.
Lee Reed

Anybody who knows who Lee Reed is ?


I found this in an article on controlled expansion bullets on the www.gunsandammo.com web site:

Nosler had established its Partition as the premier bullet for game with substantial bone and muscle. As Barnes turned from traditional lead-core bullets to hollowpoints of solid copper and Texan Jack Carter promoted his new Trophy Bonded Bear Claw, a Kansas farm boy named Lee Reed took the Partition design a big step further with a bonded dual-core bullet. He called it the Swift A-Frame.

Reed holds United States patent 5404815 on his bullet design.

Hi Guy,

Thanks a lot !!