Legal question

I live in south Australia and just recently purchased some .50 bmg cartridges, I was told that having any ammunition, live or spent with the “ADI” (Australian defence industry) stamp are illegal due to they are government property of the common wealth or something (can’t remember the exact wording) I would just like to question if this is the case or I was advised wrong. Cheers

I am also Australian. In Victoria you can buy fired and sometimes live ADI .50 although the ADI stuff is scarce. Sold freely at gunshows so what is the problem. In lots of collections and who queries where it comes from.Nobody will or should query the odd collector cartridge. Just remain quiet seems best.

Howdy Freddo55, I am also in SA, if you want more info, join ACCA. All states are a bit different in their approach to ammunition, both possession & storage. PM sent.

ADI 50 cal is sold commercially to the public, at least as unprimed empty cases. An example below.

One occasionally encounters this ‘myth’ in the UK. It is invariably perpetuated by ex-servicemen. I think it stems from the post range/exercise ritual of “I’ve no live rounds or empty cases in my possession…” Just as in Australia, in the UK, there are numerous ways that Government ordnance can/has been legitimately acquired by civilians. I would imagine Australian legislation is very similar to UK legislation, thus even if the ordnance was the proceeds of crime, to prove theft of handling of it, other than in exceptional circumstances would be nigh on impossible.

I dealt with one case involving an Army Cadet Instructor, who was found in possession of a small quantity of 5.56 x 45. Notwithstanding that there was very strong circumstantial evidence that he had stolen the ammunition, he was charged under the Firearms Act.

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