Legal question

Hello, I recently purchased some ammunition from a company in new south whales (Australia), and I live in South Australia.

Many of these bullet shells are hard to fine anywhere and people struggle to get liscences for guns that shoot these calibers.

I have obtained calibers ranging from .22 to 50bmg, (roughly 50 different shells).

Also no one in my family owns any form of gun liscence.

Some of these bullets also have headstamps such as “federal”, “ADI” and “USA”

if These were ever seen by an officer of the law would there be any headstams, bullet shells, caliber shells that are illegal to own?

Cheers Hamish

Here is a photo of some of the calibers

You need to contact your local firearms branch or get a copy of the firearms act for SA. In Western Australia it is illegal to own any ammunition without holding an ammunition collectors license OR an open/club licence for a firearm in that calibre.

Here, ammunition is defined as ANY component (i.e. case, primer, projectile). Technically, you can be charged for having a spent .22 case in your possession if you don’t have a relevant license.

Police don’t care what the headstamp (if any) says. If you are a member of ACCA, contact someone from the SA branch and have a chat to them. If not a member, you should join.

Regardless of the state in Australia in which you reside, ignorance is not a defence and if you have ammunition in your possession then it is your responsibility to know what the law is as it applies to you.

Freddo, PM sent.

The Aussie " uniform national firearms laws" are anything but.

EG, in Queensland, if you want to collect Cartridges ( loaded) you either (a) have to have a firearms licence (b) or be a member of a collectors club & either/or have a Mines&Explosives Dept. Licence…

Ammunition is controlled by Mines, not the Police!!! And Fired brass ( no charge) is considered scrap metal…no restrictions or licence required…
Other States vary from the Sublime to the Ridiculous!


Exactly my point - the OP needs to find out what applies to him as a resident of South Australia. The differences between WA and QLD are clearly significant.