Lehigh Defense Xtreme Cavitator


Looks like Lehigh Defense has just released a new load type called the “Xtreme Cavitator”. It appears to be a progression of the THV or NGA Sentry projectile type, and is claiming wound cavitation as the result of the unique ogive. Not a penetrator per-se I guess since it is 100% copper and blunt-tipped. They only show .32acp for now, but I expect they will have all other calibers coming soon:


In other news from the solid copper lathe-turned projectile industry, OATH ammo has finally got their 12ga load up & running… at $25 per 5 shells (all brass case):

The bandwidth demand on their website has been so high, that the OATH website has crashed.


I tried to buy the .32ACP and it is sold out, in fact over half the stuff I tried to order was sold out. They must be doing well, or perhaps have a cash flow problem and aren’t producing stock!!!



I think they are doing quite well, but this time of year is often tough due to the SHOT show week, and end-of-year inventory / new product development issues. I know they are producing tons of projectiles for Underwood Ammo, and have been shifting some production time towards the newly in-demand “Extreme Defender” line. Clark Armory carries most of their inventory, and they may have some of the other items you were looking for, but they are also out of the “Cavitator” (or maybe it hasn’t yet been in stock at all for either?).


Why .32 ACP? That seems an unusual calibre to offer as the first incarnation of the product.

As far as I know not many new .32 ACP Pistols are sold in the USA now.


Interesting! Does seem odd that they went with .32 acp first. Possibly trying to perfect a load with ball penetration but HP like tissue damage through hydrualic force. A problem for small caliber pistols, more will follow I’m sure.

[quote=“Lew”]I tried to buy the .32ACP and it is sold out, in fact over half the stuff I tried to order was sold out. They must be doing well, or perhaps have a cash flow problem and aren’t producing stock!!!


Stay persistant. Anything you might be interested in, sign up for e-mail notifications, some of their stuff goes fast! I am a die hard fan of Lehigh products, absolutely incredible stuff. I use it in 300 Blackout & carry it in 9mm. It took me several months to get the 9mm in the quantity I desired.


OATH just moved into a much larger facility in Rockledge, Florida.
Rockledge is on the mainland, just West of Merritt Island where they were located.
I visited the new facility yesterday, dropping off copies of the latest Journal to the owner.
They were loading the 12 gauge slugs and .458 SOCOM cartridges during my visit.
Their CNC laths were cranking out 9 mm and 40 S&W projectiles.

They lost a few weeks production when they moved, and the Shot show was an added distraction.
They will be increasing their CNC lathes times 4 over the next couple months.
Thus their production will increase a like amount.
They picked up near 2 million bucks in orders, in just three days at the shot show.


Umm, - Wow. I wonder if much of the orders were for precision rifle cartridges by agencies / departments, or if it was large retailers getting into the Tango?


I’m betting it’s retailers. Large LE PR contracts are still struggling to get away from the SMK/BTHP loads to stuff with better terminal performance, I’m thinking any big moves towards solid copper pills from small manufacturers would be an even bigger uphill climb.

I love all the new stuff from Oath, LeHigh, et al…copper projos are the bees knees as long as you’re not counting beans.

As for the .32 pill pictured, it’s not much different in appearance than their 10mm and .380 Extreme Penetrator projo.


Lehigh seems to be running behind with the release of their .32acp Xtreme Cavitator ammo, but they are now selling the .32 cal projectiles in boxes of 50. I received some, and here is what they look like loaded into the 4 potential contemporary calibers that suit them; .327 Federal Magnum, .32H&R Magnum, .32acp, and .32NAA:

On the projectile box they mention only .32acp, even though these obviously fit other .32 caliber cases. My guess is that this is due to Lehigh only having tested it in .32acp, and all of their data for loading is only on .32acp. .327 Fed Mag could be particularly wild, going what I presume would be around 1700fps+ from a 4" barrel for this 50gr projectile.


Have you shot these yet? I’d love to see some data on this. As well as the .308 cavitator they have out. I saw it perform well in the 30 carbine but I’d love to see it in 7.65×20mm Longue. Though it may not stabilize. Perhaps the 300 blackout would be neat.


For those confused about what KG is talking about - Lehigh has recently added a .308 cavitator projectile to their lineup. They now offer a .32acp and .308 bullet in that type. The O.A.L. of the .308 is such that it could work in the 7.65 French Long, as it falls into the tyical 30 carbine sort of bullet length.


Exactly, though I know only one guy with a Model 1935 and that’s Mike Beliveau from guns of the old west and duelist1954 on youtube. I asked if he’d give it a shot but I thing there is a problem considering the sizing. That bullet is .308 and 7.65 French Long is technically .309-ish? He had problems with undersized ammo before. That’s why I said it may not stabilize.


In most M1935 guns I would imagine it might be a problem since they would tend to have bores that are more than just a little bit broken-in.