LeMas Ltd?


Anyone ever hear of this company? They supposedly make some kind of exotic 9x19 ammunition.


They have a website (not very good) but it appears they make mainly law Enforcement type of ammunition. www.lemasltd.com.
I can’t answer anything further on them. Just thought I would share the site with you.


I had seen the website. Did you get by the opening screen?


I had seen the website. Did you get by the opening screen?


Here’s a link to some interesting info about the LeMas ammo that has a few crude sectioned bullet photos.



That’s just the former / parent name for RBCD ammo. RBCD took a allot of heat and lost allot of credit when it was proved that their lead-free “blended metal” bullets were actually just lead bullets with a plastic base and a unique polish, or else they were just other commercial bullets that were hijacked and claimed as their own as from Sierra & Hornady. The above link from M4carbine.net really does put the kaibosh to the whole thing. They’re still fun gadgety pistol bullets nontheless.


Matt - the website forum we were referred to was doubly interesting to me. From the initials and location, I know the gentlemen who supplied the analysis of the bullets in question. He was a good customer of mine at the store I worked at, and was a Naval Officer assigned to assist Colonel (Doctor) Martin Fackler at the US Army Wound Ballistics Lab, Letterman Army Institute of Research, Letterman Army Hospital, Presidio of San Francisco, California, back before San Francisco’s anti-military attitude cost them the Presidio of San Francisco as a military post (my opinion - of course the Army said it was “economy” although it was amazing that almost every major military facility in the San Francisco Bay Area was closed down with a huge loss of jobs and revenue to the area). I visited the lab several times. This man knows what he is talking about. He is a medical professional and I would class him as an expert in wound ballistics of the same level as Dr. Fackler. Their testing at the Lab was meticulous, and their approach to the subject based not only on calibrated 10% ballistic gelatin, but also on Dr. Fackler’s extensive research with emergency (MASH-type) combat surgery on projectile wounds, but also later at a main military hospital doing followup surgery on Viet Nam wounded that had been first treated in combat area surgical facilities.

A scholarly and excellent followup to Jon’s original question. I had not seen Gary’s evaluation on that specific ammunition before, and was not aware of the tie-in between LeMas and RBCD.
I talked to the LeMas people at a shot show some time ago, and frankly, was not impressed then. Of course, I am sure they were not impressed with me either, since I was not LE and that’s all they would invite into the “back room” of their display. They had little or nothing on display outside, and were reluctant to discuss specifics with anyone not LE.

John Moss


[quote=“JohnMoss”] They had little or nothing on display outside, and were reluctant to discuss specifics with anyone not LE.
John Moss[/quote]

Not surprising since it’s other industry people or else collectors who would be the ones having their sensibilities offended by most of the literature, products, and claims associated with such ammo if it were all out in the open. It’s not that RBCD doesn’t have a niche in the market, they do, it’s just in the over-the-counter “personal defense” market, where things like Dynamic Research Technologies & Magsafe dwell. Not the police/military market for which they think they belong to and which they constantly take themselves way too seriously for. It doesn’t help that they used to have so many out & out lies that they printed about their projectiles either. I don’t know if they’ve really tried much of anything in the past few years though, since the cat was let out the bag.


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