Leon Beaux & C. Pinfire Boxes


Just bought a new macro lens (It was $600!!) and am playing around with it.

Here is a picture of some of the different Leon Beaux & C. pinfire boxes.

Click the Image or HERE for a very large version.


Is Beaux still operating? I was shooting my replica Colt 1860 Army revolver today using some old Leon Beaux percussion caps I had laying around. Typical round metal 2-piece pillbox container (ca. 1965), yellow in color.


Leon Beaux closed many years ago


your 15 mm box is wonderful!


I thought you would like these, Pivi!

Now I believe that these are the four label variations of their pinfire boxes.

The 12mm label design was first, then the 15mm one which was used interchangeably with the 12mm and 15mm boxes. They just stuck the 15 or 12 sticker on it, then the 7mm label variation, then the 9mm label variation (I also have this label on a 7mm box)

Does this sound right?


Pivi - is “Cariche” an archaic form of the word for cartridge? I don’t recall seeing it before, and it is not in either my large Italian-English dictionary, or my U.S. Military Italian-English dictionary of military and weapons’ terms. Just wondered.


Aaron, very nice boxes!!

John, Cariche is plural for Carica, wich means “Charge”.

Carica = Charge
Cariche = Charges
Caricato = Loaded (Charged) (singular)
Caricate = Loaded (Charged) (plural)


Fede is right. Anyway in this case ( and it is commonly seen on old boxes) “cariche” stands for " loaded cartridges"

Even today some people talk about " cariche commerciali" that means " commercial loaded cartridges" to tell them from reloaded cartridges or empty cases.