Leon Beaux shotshells hstps

On Italian Leon Beaux shotshells you can have the following hstps :

  1. brass base: Leon Beaux & C, Milano, brass and copper primer
  2. brass base: Leon Beaux & Ci, Milano, all brass primer
  3. grooved aluminium base: Leon Beaux & C, Milano
  4. aluminium base: Leon Beaux & Ci, Milano underlined
  5. brass base: Beaux Milano & Ci, Milano underlined
  6. brass base : Beaux, Milano, copper primer
  7. Brass base : Beaux, Milano, nickel primer

A) Have you some idea of the period for each of the hstp ?
B) I am looking for shells 1) or 2)


Hi,According to me the alluminium cases come from the last 40’s because in that period there wasn’t a lot of brass around.The primer “vis brevettato” of the first cartridge is possibly older.

Ther aluminium cases started in 1930 I think for LB

What is the meaning of ‘VIS’ on #1, 6 and 7?

Italians like to use Latin words and phrases.
VIS means power, strength and force.

  1. ViS primers seem to be from after WWII.
  2. Leon Beaux was part of SFM at the beginning. It was a subsidary as were Bischweiller (Walbinger Meushel) or Cartoucherie Russo Belge (CRB) or Cartoucherie Belge.
    But I don’t know when they started to be independant. (Perhaps never till the end !).
    It would interest me to know the exact date.
  3. Anyway in the twenties the Leon Beaux ctges were not at the French standard but already at the British standard (What I call standard is not a question of case length, but all the dimensions :Rim diameter, rim thickness, base diameter, were different.