Leon beaux shotshells

Just wanted to show these Leon beaux shotshells.
Look at the diamante with Curtis’s & Harvey’s powder.
Enjoy René



Hi Rene, Some lovely copies there. I like th E.C. Powder one and the Ballistite, C & H, Nitro Powders are quite stunning.

Thanks for sharing those.

The original E.C. one and an Early tin.

Eley London No 12 Gastight E C Powder Over Shot Card
Eley London No 12 Gastight E C Powder Head Stamp

No.2 tin;
E C No 2 Sporting Powder Front View



Hi mike
Indeed they are very nice.
Just thought I’d share these, as we don’t see very many shot shells over here.

So whenever people have other nice Leon beaux cases PLEASE post them.

Regards René

One attached.
We don’t find many of these in England.



Odd that Jim, not many Lion’s in Kent is there :)….


very nice bunch of shells from all of you. THANKS

Thanks for the kind words.
Nice one indeed Jim
I have that one and also the one in the next picture.
Also with gold print.

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