Lepine 338 lm

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I am the designer of the Lepine 338lm you see pictures of my work in your archives but I was not able to make comment the forum is lock.

I have design and make a few other calibers.

Here is a link to that post viewtopic.php?f=1&t=454&p=1651&hilit=Lepine#p1651. The old forum was damaged by a software attack and is closed (one can see it but one can’t add anything to it).

Interesting archived post on a interesting cartridge. At the risk of straying into off topic subject the post by a C.L. Morris CW4 Ret. Navy., states that he was with the 8th Marines in “Nam”. I had no idea they were ever there…? 8th Marines history does not show them there…?

Whatever became of Mr. Lepine’s cartridge?

Outside of the USA, ammo or gun are not of great interest to most peoples…
So being a sniper ammo and guns designer is a very ordinary job.
My sniper ordnance can hit a target at 2k with great regularity but here in Canada it is not enough to get attention…
Some of my ammo is in use with some SOP across the planet in small number.
And some regular sniper ammo with some DOD
Since the end of Afghanistan theatre (2010)we have closed the gun room

A write-up for one of the McMillian variations we sold in our sale 8 lot 396 follows.

One of only 40 made for Mc Millan, and loaded to shoot in their rifles as sold to various Canadian police agencys, this Canadian {by Gatan Lepine} made turned 4140 steel cased .338 Lapua Mag. has a red primer, is completely molycoated, and uses a 225 gr. solid bronze bullet.

a box

the round and the headstamp


Ron Fuchs, very, very kindly gave me the box

We certainly would like to hear of & see more of your work Mr. Lepine!
Please continue on this thread or start another.

Hopefully/maybe/please some of this will be available at SLICS???

A very nice picture…That lot was 5000rds (42rds was mark as McMil)and the cases was black acid, I had a brass case too.
Run & Rose very nice peoples, his ammunition work is being in use by a major cdn crime lab.
I was in uniform until 1974 and was already making special ammo back then, if there still some shooters from Nam they may remember me as '‘Gaë’'
I will see how your forum work and will post some design and bullets for my P3K ammo .3moa at 1000m and .5m0a at 1500m Doppler certify.
For now my work is principally on 7.62mm.
I know that there is a lot of shooter going to EU products now but I would like to say that I would of never last so long without the extraordinary and unconditional support from ‘‘Leupold’’ ammo can only be good if you can see your target…and they where part of my
P3K Project: Project 3 Kilometers a .50bmg match service rd

move the picture to a 50bmg post

I will be very careful with these!!


Nice to hear from you.