Lepus hstp on shotshell

Does somebody has info about the manufacturer of this shotshell

At first glance I thought that was LUPUS, which brought to mind “canus lupus italicus” the Italian wolf.
ergo Wolff & Co.
Probably a completely mad thought.

Not quite correct John. Lepus is the genus for Hares. Vulpes is for foxes.
Both these cheap short base shotshells were used in Australia but possibly only a cheap import. My guess was Belgian but I have no proof.
I have a new primed empty so may have been a cheap case for reloaders ?

This Lepus base was found with a metal detector and I picked out the old card and mud from inside the 5mm high brass base.
The odd primer may help ID the maker.

My new empty case was also coming from an Australian guy.
This kind of old primer is found in german, british, english and french shells.
I was hoping somebody has seen a box to identfy the manufacturer

Also found in Russian 26.5mm flare gun cases of the 1930s.

very interesting ! thanks
have you pictures of the hstp and of the ctge ?

You mean of the 26.5mm?


This looks like a push-out anvil to me

HI ron3350,

you say that both lepus and vulpes are known in Australia as cheap cases.
Can you perhaps show a picture of the vulpes headstamp or case?

I have never seen or heard about them.

regards rené

I have this in my collection as Belgian as well.

There is no cartridge, just the left over metal head as the case was cardboard.
I see these primers were made well into WW2.
Here a “537 43”. The primer is gone and you can see the separate anvil.