Lerche 16 gauge pinfire paper shotgun shells?

Hello all,

I am new to your forum. I was a collector of centerfire milsurp rifles for many years, and during that time, I happened upon a good amount of ammo. Some I don’t know much, if anything, about.

Anyway, I have some 16 gauge pinfire paper shotgun shells. They are headstamped 16 Lerche with an eagle. They are not loaded, and I think they have been fired, but I don’t really know how to tell. They look like they may have been loaded, and perhaps unloaded manually without firing? Sorry for the ignorance, but I just don’t know. They did come with a couple wooden plungers which I assume were used to reload the empties.

Anyway, I was curious as to where these were made, and the approximate age & value. I couldn’t find much on the web. I have attached a couple pictures.

Thanks for your time, and have a good day

The eagle looks a bit like the eagle danish dealer Aquila in Aarhus used many years ago. Maybe Aquila’s owner was named Lerche? Lars, any comments?
Soren (Who only has a few common HK fired shotshells in his collection…)

Lerche in German means Lark. Maybe the bird is a lark and the shell was made in a German-speaking country. Jack

OK. I looked at the “eagle” under a loupe and I don’t think it is an eagle at all. Looks more like a lark. Good info. Thanks.

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Mausernut - Jack and JP are right. The Aquila cartridge has an eagle printed on the side of the shotshell and not in the headstamp.