Does anyone remember when WRACO introduced LESMOK powder in the centerfire line? I seem to recall it was available from 1911-1914, for 3 or 4 years only. But, I cannot find it in my references at this time, and I’m not trusting my memory.

Lesmok Powder Question

Tony–I can not speak for Winchester, but “Lesmoke” was never loaded by U.M.C. It was first loaded by Remington-UMC in 1911 and had been discontinued before 1917. I have the 1911-12 (combined) and 1913-14 (combined) catalogs but do not have the 1915 or 1916 catalogs. No “Lesmoke” loads are listed in the 1917 catalog.

The 1911-12 catalog lists .25-20 Win. & Mar. (Repeater)(86gr. FN Lead), .32 Winchester (100gr. FN Lead), .38 Winchester (180gr. FN Lead and .44 Winchester (200gr. FN Lead).

In the 1913-14 catalog, all of the above were still listed [color=#FF0000]EXCEPT the .44 Winchester (200gr. FN Lead)[/color]. It was only available in Black Powder or Smokeless. Plus, the following were listed as NEW: .32 Win. (90gr. HP , Wooden End Shot with #10 Shot) and .32-20 Shot, Long Case (#10 Shot) (This was the extended neck, all brass shot load), .38 Win. (150gr. HP Lead), .44 Win. Wooden End Shot (#5-12 + Dust Shot sizes), .44 Marble Game Getter (#5-12 + Dust Shot sizes) and .44 XL (#5-12 + Dust Shot sizes).


According to Dan Shuey, in his book W.R.A. CO. Headstamped Cartridges And Their Variations Volume I ( wcfpublications.com )…
1911 - Lesmok was first loaded in Winchester Cartridges
1918 - Lesmok last offered in Winchester centerfire cartridges

By comparison, King’s Semi-Smokeless (Competitor to DuPont’s Lesmok) was first loaded in PETERS cartridges in 1898 up until the 1930’s.

Thank you for the REM-UMC info.

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Got it. So that’s 1911-1918 for wraco. thanks!


The October 1911 catalog first listed Lesmok for centerfire and rimfire. Centerfire was discontinued in 1918. This according to Winchester Shotshells & Metallic Ammunition by G. R. Watrous.


Thanks guys! That will do it.