"Less Lethal Africa" anti riot loads

Has anybody ever seen these rounds in reality?


The projectiles do look much like the Czech Svachoucek loads which were just made of plastic instead of hard rubber like the ones above.

Wish these were available for examination.

These are two examples in 7.62x51mm. They are trade show dummies. The headstamps are (+) LC 12 and CBC 7.62 75. I do wonder if the bullets were imported and then put in the cases at the show. Has anyone ever seen live rounds?

The left “bullet” has LLA embossed in the flat tip.

The brochure I have also shows 9x19mm and 12 ga double ball.


These guys apparently showed up at the 2014 Shot Show and a couple of 9mms found their way to me. I have tried to order from them a couple of years ago with no luck. Will try again.


Dave, great images. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Lew, I wish you success with getting further - maybe not only with 9x19 then.