Less Lethal Africa – Odds and Ends

Less Lethal Africa (LLA) is a Canadian company that specialized in various forms of less-lethal ammunition marketed in Sub-Saharan Africa. The founder/CEO/head designer, Don Rickard, passed away in July of last year. The following items are from their workshop. I don’t know if they are prototypes, experimentals, stages in design concepts, or samples from other manufacturers. For all I know, some of them may have actually reached a production stage.

What you see below is the extent of the information I have.

(A) 9mm LLA

These include variations in the color and material of the rubber projectiles (see their website lesslethalafrica.com for the normal loads) and a couple utilizing plastic cases.

Items 1-6 are marked “4C”, “4W”, or “4R” in indelible marker. They came from the workshop this way and I have no idea if the code is significant or its meaning.

(1) FC 9MM LUGER “4C”
(3) [NATO symbol] WCC 12 “4W”
(4) R-P 9MM LUGER “4W”
(5) FC 9MM LUGER “4R”
(6) as #5 but with nkl primer

(7) WIN 9mm LUGER (No indelible marker code on case side)
(8) No headstamp, black plastic case, aluminum case head - not magnetic. Moulded into the case, the side panel reads “LLA 9mm” with raised letters, nice and sharp (couldn’t capture lettering very well in photo). Projectile not magnetic. Total weight 141 grains.
(9) “O O O” headstamp, black plastic case, projectile not magnetic. Total weight 160 grains.

(B) .223 / 5.56 mm less-lethal / training
DSCN5574 DSCN5577

Unusual (to me) fluted black plastic case using a shotshell primer without any additional propellant. Projectiles are a soft rubber material and weigh 6 grains. Hollow base in projectile extends 0.25 inch. I’d be surprised if this functioned as the rim would probably rip off in an attempt to extract the fired case from the chamber.

© .500 Less Lethal

I have no idea what weapon these are for, if any? The cases have been turned down from what was shortened .500 S&W cases. The remnant of the original headstamp (shown in the middle on one of their original shortened cases) is visible on one of the specimens. I do not know if the rubber bullets are original to the cases.
Measurements are as follows:

Left-hand round:
Rim dia.: 0.44”
Groove dia.: 0.369”
Head dia.: 0.527”
Mouth dia.: 0.525”
C/L: 1.39”

Right-hand round:
Rim dia.: 0.364”
Groove dia.: 0.316”
Head dia.: 0.527”
Mouth dia.: 0.525”
C/L: 1.4”

(D) .50 Cal. Rubber bullet!

Weight 144 grains . Hollow in base extends 0.5 inches

Much to my chagrin, there were no less-lethal loads in .450 Short CF – obviously a missed marketing opportunity by LLA!!

When I have time, I will photograph the various shotshell oddities from this source for your reading pleasure and amusement!!

Chris P.



WOW!!! Very nice, thanks for posting the info and great photos.


Chris, excellent post! Thank you very much for sharing.

The .500 Less Lethal or .500 Wasp was a Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. product intended for any revolver chambered for the .500 S&W Magnum cartridge, including the Defender derringer made by Bond Arms that was advertized along this round. The .50 cal. Wasp rebated rim variants are also Lamperd developments for AR-15 type rifles (they still offer this model). This Canadian company worked in connection with LLA, and also offered their own less lethal 9mm cartridges using brass cases or the all-plastic black case shown above.



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As usual, you are a veritable mine of information - many thanks !!
I checked out Lamperd’s website (lamperdlesslethal.com) - very interesting and it also explains some of the odd shotshells I got from this source. More on those later.
Chris P.

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I would see this gentleman at the Shot Show every year & droll all over the stuff he had out on the table, Tried every thing I could think of to obtain some samples, but all I got was some brochures. Shall I dig them out & scan / photograph them Chris?
I don’t know how well it worked in practice but he certainly had an inventive mind.


Please scan and post the brochures!



#9 looks like it may be an ‘action proving round’, designed to be the same as a loaded cartridge, allowing you to see if the handgun feeds and ejects properly, and to form your muscle memory, (learning to cycle the handgun in case of a dud round or other stoppage, without having to think about it).
I have a box of military action proving rounds made by Winchester that looks similar, but the primer pocket never had a flash hole through the base of the casings.

Re: .500 Less Lethal
Can anyone post a picture of the production .500 Wasp case with the rebated rim (preferably with measurements)? I would like to compare it to the two variations above to see how much they differ dimensionally, if at all, from the production rounds.
Chris P.

Chris, I don’t have any measurements, but below you can see two pictures published by Lamperd in 2005 and 2011, respectively. It seems that both have the same dimensions as the left-hand round, that looks like a shortened .499 LWR (7.62x39 rim).





Thanks again Fede, Interesting!!! It looks like the final production 500 Wasp has a longer case than the specimens in my post above. The one on the left is a match for the 7.62x39 head. The one on the right appears to be just a little too small for a 5.56/.223 head.
Chris P.

well I looked through everywhere I thought I could have possibly filed this material, including the unfiled pile & I found nothing. Sorry.

In the original pictures, the cartridge on the far left looks like the .499 LWR, which is a Weatherby cartrigde, web turned off, and rim turned down to match teh .223/5.56.
The case is 1.75"/44.46mm long, .53"/13.6mm base, no taper, OAL is 2.23"/56.8mm.
It takes a .50 cal projectile, and was named .499 to get past the California ‘If it is a .50 it is illegal’ law.

It took me a while to find this baby [I cannot be the only one who has soo many cartidges that I don’t know where half of them are, can I?]

Sorry about the poor image quality, I shot it with my cell camera before I had a chance to forget to post this… and did a fast photoshop edit.

Any of these available in the USA ?