Less Lethal Africa, Part 2

In my post of September 2nd I described two Canadian companies and some of their less-lethal products, and I alluded to some shotshells that had come from the workshop of one of them – Less Lethal Africa based in Ontario.

As promised, here are some of the shotshells which came from LLA’s workshop. As I said before, I don’t know if they are prototypes, experimentals, stages in design concepts, or samples from other manufacturers. For all I know, some of them may have actually reached a production stage. As I learned from the previous post – Less Lethal Africa (LLA) was associated in some way with Lamperd Less Lethal of Sarnia Ontario.

  1. All-plastic 12-gauge shotshell by Less Lethal Africa


This shows the components of the case. I was told these were intended to be loaded by hand – i.e. without tools. To the left of the main body is a capsule that accommodates the shotshell primer and a charge of powder. This component has the headstamp.


The components assembled (without powder or primer). Note the rubber bullet has the raised company initials on the nose – perhaps to leave a lasting impression ?!

Shotshells with this type of case are shown on the company’s website http://www.lesslethalafrica.com/shotgun.html

  1. Odd shells with heavy crimp, large wads and large powder charges.

I have no idea what these are. All of them are headstamped CHALLENGER 12 CANADA GA on brass-plated steel heads. The large powder charge is topped with a hard rubber wad and then 3 or 4 rubber disks which look as if they were punched out of a rubber-backed mat. I do not know if the marks on the cases in indelible ink have any significance – they came from the workshop that way.

When looking at the above-mentioned website, it occurred to me that they might be prototypes or experiments associated with their “flash-bang” loads. I know nothing of the inner working of “Flash-bang” loads - are they normally just firmly-contained charges of special powder or is there a more complex explosive train in such rounds?

  1. A couple more odd shotshells


Both the above use the same case headstamped CHALLENGER 12 CANADA GA on brass-plated steel heads. What the one on the right contains I don’t know but it is very light and may be just a variation of the blanks previously described. The one on the left is loaded with round plastics pellets topped with one of the blue rubber wads. Obviously a riot load for marauding cockroaches.

  1. Bear & Animal loads

I’ve included these two to demonstrate how closely the two companies appear to have worked. They appear to have been made on the same machinery though I do not know if that machinery was at Lamperd Less Lethal or Less Lethal Africa. Both have the Challenger headstamp. The “Animal Round” has the Less Lethal Africa logo consisting of a picture of the African continent with “Less Lethal Africa” written faintly across the widest part. The “Bear Round” has the Lamperd logo.

If anyone has any further information on any of the above, I would like to hear it.

Chris P.


Chris, great information and pictures, thanks for sharing!