Lethal Weapon 3 "cop killer" bullet prop


To be found in the U.K. of all places! (I guess it is a replica / prop anyway):


And the box here:


I had long lamented about how the movie carried on with the typical ill-informed rant about referring to them as “Teflon bullets”, etc… and I always found it interesting how the load that Riggs (Mel Gibson) holds up at one point appeared to be a solid-copper Arcane load:

Based on the above memorabilia offerings, I guess it was an Arcane-type load.

Can you indentify these 9 mm headstamps?

Really interesting!!! Is this something that is for sale? I sure would like to see the headstamp on the cartridge!

I noticed the image of “The Prop Shop London”, found their website and bought these two items. Kinda neat and something different for an old 9x19mm collector.

Makes me wonder what else is out there in Movie Land! Probably 20 years ago I was watching a mystery movie in my hotel room and there was a crime lab lady looking at a 9mmP and they showed a photo of a headstamp that was suppose to be from the round. Nothing I have seen before or since. Since it was a prop, I doubted it was even in 9mm since it would be easier to make it bigger to photograph. Movie ammunition (beside the movie blanks) is probably an overlooked area. Or maybe there are people out there that collect this stuff.

Anyone know of other “movie” cartridges???




Check out the second link DK provided. The items are for sale in England. They don’t indicate the headstamp.



I went back to the Prop Shop website and searched for cartridges, bullet and ammo. I found the following.

Collection Of Prototype UV Bullets
Stock # 3491
A collection of prototype UV bullets made for the Kate Beckinsale vampire versus werewolves movie Underworld. These props were specially created in the design stages of the production. A great deal of work went into the creation of the light up UV bullet and these are some of the early examples tested out by the prop department. This lot consists of 3 glass capsules and 3 assembled bullets with similar capsules attached to metal cartridges-$419

John M!!! I checked these cartridges and the caselengths rough out from 21.2mm to 22mm assuming a 9mm bullet. Too long to be 9x19mms but I’m sure they fit in your collection.

Chronicles Of Riddick
Merc Ship Gunner Bullet
Stock # 18248
A bullet used by the wing men in the Vin Diesel sequel The Chronicles of Riddick. This piece can be seen used by the wing men who hang off the Merc ship when shooting at Riddick on Planet Six, it is held with others in a pouch on their arms. This prop is made from resin and has been painted a metallic silver with intentional distressing and measures approximately 11cm (4 ½ “). Sold!

Holy Bullet Display
Stock # 11603
A ‘Holy Bullet’ used by Constantine (Keanu Reeves) in the demon hunting action film of the same name. This gold coloured bullet is engraved with a continuous design which is inlayed with a darker colour, these can be seen being used with the Holy Shotgun in the film as Constantine eradicates the demons. The bullet comes custom framed with a laser cut mount board featuring the ‘Latin phrase’ ‘Qui esiderat pacem praeparet bellum’- ‘if you want peace prepare for war’, also has two movie still showing the bullets in the film. The display measures 52.5cm x 47cm (20.75” x 18.5”)

The bullet comes with official paperwork and documentation from Warner Bros. Studios confirming the provinence of this prop. -$1349

Matrix Revolutions
Dummy Bullet Display
Stock # 4290
A dummy bullet used in the Keanu Reeves film The Matrix Revolutions. This style of bullet can be seen being loaded into the Armoured Personel Unit in crates. Made of cast hard rubber, and measuring approximately 18cm (7") It comes custom framed and features two movie stills from the film. Frame measures 52cm x 47cm (20.5" x 18.5") -$529

Silver Vampire Bullet
Stock # 13616
A silver vampire bullet used in the Kate Beckinsale ‘vampire versus werewolves’ movie Underworld. This live bullet has had the inside drilled out for export and safety reasons and is nickel plated and then silver plated. It was used by the vampires against the Lycans. The bullet has been custom framed in an ornate frame and mounted on a laser cut mount board with the film title and two movie stills. The frame measures 32cm x 38cm (12.5" x 15").-$399

And I think I’ll pass on this one!!!

DK, Thanks for starting this.




Now that you mention it, there have been some popular movie prop cartridges that have come up for sale now & again. Their availability is intermitent as they are bought & sold, but the ones I have seen in the past that were for sale include:

–Hellboy’s huge homemade cartridges for his “Samaritan” revolver.

–“Ultraviolet” light 9mm cartridges for the movie series Underworld (the actual props had wiring coming from them)

–Splatter dart and other oddball cartridges for the custom revolver used by Vin Diesel in the “XXX” movie

And just now while looking I see there’s this company doing custom 9mm earbuds. They even have a custom headstamp! :
They are really expensive though at an advertised $250 from the blog article above.
Here is the factory link: http://munitio.com/products-page/earphones/teknines-nine-millimeter-earphones/
This guy did a video and goes nuts about how good they are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Usd9hJ-sJP4

The following 3 9mm’s are in a collection, maybe for sale, maybe not?:

A 9mm spent blank display from James Bond “Die Another Day”:

A 9mm spent blank from “Mission Impossible 2”:

Bullet casing display from Casino Royale:

The following examples from private collections shown at the website Yourprops.com where people show off their movie prop stuff:

A “Bullet Bill” cartridge of sorts which is from the movie adaptation of the video game Super Mario Brothers:

Gyrojet props from “You only live Twice”:

Here are the Hellboy bullets:

Kryptonite bullets from the tv series “Smallville”:

Spent casing from James Bond movie “Die Another Day”:

Promotional Silver Bullets for the movie “Werewolf” (1996):

The multistage .50BMG bullet from the movie “Wanted” (I had posted a video file of this months ago):

The larger-style UV bullet from “Underworld Evolution”:

James Bond “Man with the Golden Gun” bullet:

Be careful when searching this stuff out, some of it is original movie props, but some are replica props made by fans, and the displays can look very real.



I just received my Lethal Weapon 3 props. The cartridge in the frame has a normal WIN headstamp and the bullet is dark red and looks like anodized aluminum. Through the glass there is no evidence of anything magnetic except the wire that secures the bullet.

The box is as illustrated in your post and has a white plastic post style cartridge tray inside.

Cheers and thanks for posting this.



Neat! A Hollywood Arcane cartridge.


I have a live .45 ACP blank from the filming of the latest King Kong movie. It is headstamped “K-K” (Starline-made case) over “.45 ACP”. Was loaded by Ordnance Developments Limited NZ. Star crimped with 8grn of "fast burning powder"
I’ll post a scan later.