Letter From Canadian Sales Agency Seeking 2.5 Billion 7x57mm Cartridges, 1915


From the McCracken Research Library Digital Collection (Buffalo Bill Center of the West) correspondence between the Canadian Sales Agency, Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Schuyler, Hartley & Graham / H.K. White, New York; dated July 28th, 1915, seeking a possible contract for 2.5 billion 7mm Mauser cartridges.

So does anyone know the story behind this letter? For Serbia?



Thank You, Brian, for posting this…
One of my favorite calibers…2.5 BILLION ! seems like a lot for one small nation like Serbia, but who knows? It seems to make perfect sense that they would go through Canada in WW1 to make such a purchase. This may help to explain why there are so many REM-UMC and WRACO boxes extant in this caliber, from the WW1 era. Although much of this also went to countries in South America using this caliber. Additional responses would be nice.



That would be enough to outfit 6,250,000 soldiers with 400 rds each. Seems like a very healthy quantity for 1915. I guess in terms of machine gun use it would be eaten up faster, but even for something like a Browning M1895 in 7x57, that would be enough ammo for 1000 of those guns to shoot for over 92 hours straight (at 450rds per minute).