Leuchtgranaten Hegra / Fjord

Got this double sided framed item with some Swedish insignia

Seems to be some sort of German data chart for light grenade of some sort?
Occupied Norway ? WW2 or earlier? All info would be greatly appreciated.

Tried to translate not sure I got it all correct though…

Höhe = Hight
Rohrerhöhung = Cannon angle ?
Zunder = fuse
Objektscheissen = Target objects ?!?
Hegra = Norwegian fortress ?
Fjord = River


The text is German. It refers to shooting illuminating projectiles (Leuchtgranaten).
In my opinion, the tables refer to pre-planned illumination of two objects, codenamed Fjord and Hegra. Azimuth to the first is 5200 mils and to the second is 1400 mils.
The tables show the intended height (Höhe) of start of illumination, the required elevation (Rohrerhöhung) and the needed timing of the fuze (Zünder). I am not an expert in these matters, but assume that the elevation is given in degrees with the small figures being 1/16 degrees.
Taking into consideration the nordic object names, I think the tables refer to occupied Norway.

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Given Hegra was a Norwegian fortress which played a role when Norway got occuppied by Germany it can well be that an artillery battery was later active nearby and obviously had pre-set range tables for particular ranges and areas (a usual procedure with fixed artillery installations).
Means the two tables may be from the same position.
Ambitious mathematicians even may try to use the data to triangulate the position and try to figure the exact location of the battery.
Or use Google to find what German battery was near during wartime.

Here the location of Hegra.

Here the war story of Hegra fortress:

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And looking at the position and distance to the sea + the fact that the largest German calibers with illuminating shells were in 203mm these were no coast artillery units (at least not against ships).
And looking at the max fuze settings of 32 seconds I assume it was Zt.Z. S/30 fuzes which were normally used with 88mm AA guns.
This makes me believe that this could have been an AA battery.

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Thank you, great info guys! Interesting reading indeed