Leuchtspurpatrone 75 / tracer cartridge 75

In fall of 1969 the Swiss began with the development of a new unguided anti-tank weapon (caliber 8.3cm), called NORA or Rak Rohr 75 (rocket tube 75, see picture below). The idea was to developpe a replacement for the proven Rak Rohr 58 and 50. At the begin of 1977 the whole project was canceled, mainly because of technical problems.

Part of the project NORA was a low-cost training system called ELEONORA. ELEONORA consists essentially of a body, which externally corresponds to the anti-tank rocket of NORA. It contains a 7.65mm caliber barrel with a chamber, which is locked at the rear by a cover with a bayonet latch. For operating this body is loaded like the anti-tank rocket but must be removed from the rocket tube by hand after firing. The cartridge for ELEONORA was based on the case of the Pistolenpatrone 03 and was called Leuchtspurpatrone 75 (tracer cartridge 75).

From a ballistic point of view, ELEONORA had to meet a primary and a secondary requirement. The primary requirement was that the trajectory of the 7.65mm projectile should largely correspond to that of the 8.3cmm anti-tank rocket (see below). The secondary requirement was that the effect on the target should be as small as possible. The aim was to to shoot at some kind moving target or dummy tanks (Panzerattrappe) without damaging them or endangering the driver. In addition, the Army wanted to be able to train with ELEONORA on ranges with restrictive safety regulations. While the primary requirement was essentially met, significant problems were encountered with respect to the end-ballistic requirements. In 1974 it was decided to evaluate another system based on a 20mm cartridge (similar to the proven training cartridge which was used for the Rak Rohr 50 and 58).

Below you can see different versions of the Leuchtspurpatrone 75. Interesting is the box for the Leuchtspurpatrone 75: In addition to the indication of the content, the label has a black bar (identification color for training ammunition) with the ALN (Armeelagernummer or army stock number). Interestingly, the box is labeled incorrectly: The ALN code for the main ammunition group shows the number 595, but the correct number for training ammunition would be 592 - 595 stands for dummy ammunition (Manipuliermunition).

Lapua also made cartridges on the base of the 7.65mm Para for an anti-tank training system. Does anybody know more about these training systems?



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The book “Finnish Military Cartridges 1945-1975” by Mika Pitkänen & Timo Simpanen (2019) is describing the Finnish designs of their subcaliber cartridges (p.p. 210-213). They had started their development in 1950.

The book:

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