Lew C, have you seen this one?

This was posted on another forum.

Range find, 9x19 headstamp “AMMOLOAD” Note the step inside the case

There is an AFTE thread post about this one, and they mention the internal step as well. It is presumed to be a test run:

website is given as www.ammoload.com and it describes loading equipment and components. In Lewiston, ID - so maybe a CCI connection?

Thanks! I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention.

All I have seen is empty cases with the headstamp “AMMOLOAD 9mm” from about 2009. These are brass washed steel cases. The company, Ammo-Load World Wide Inc. is not associated with CCI but probably has a number of ex or retired CCI employees. I could be wrong, but I understand the cases were made by the Anatolia Cartridge Company in Turkey who uses equipment bought from China. I have seen related cases with brass, copper and zinc washed steel cases, but I don’t have either the copper or zinc washed cases.

There is another headstamp attributed to this company, “USA 9mm LUGER” which is also brass washed steel.

As I understood it, Ammoload would be a supplier of components. Perhaps they acquired some of the same equipment used by Anatolia?


Lew, Anatolia is advertising it’s NUPE cases with Ammoload head stamps on. So I think it may be safe to says that the Turks are making these for the US then.

I have four different 9 mm headstamps from this company, all NUPE cases. All are Boxer primed, and all have a step inside the case, but the step in all instances appears to be lower down in the case than that case shown in the photo. I suppose that could be an illusion, but I don’t think so.

My cases are mostly steel, as follows:

USA 9mm LUGER Brass-washed or plated
USA 9mm LUGER Gray steel - not sure if Zinc-plated or not
AMMOLOAD 9 mm Brass-washed or plated
AMMOLOAD 9 mm Luger Brass (This has the high inside step believed Turk)
MECA 9P Copper-washed or plated

There are also .40 S&W cases also with an inside shoulder and also steel case.
In both the 9 mm and the .40 S&W, the shoulder is just above the base of the cartridge; it is not mid-way up the case as it appears in the photo.

AMMOLOAD 40 S&W Gray steel - not sure what the case finish is
AMMOLOAD 40S&W Gray steel - headstamp letters larger and no gap
between “40” and "S&W"
AMMOLOAD 40 S&W Brass-washed - small headstamp letters
AMMOLOAD 40 S&W Brass-washed - medium headstamp letters
AMMOLOAD 40S&W Brass-washed - large headstam letters and no gap
between “40” and “S&W”

I have seen no loaded rounds with this headstamp, nor any packaging for loaded rounds or empty cases.

It would surely be of interest if there was some way to compare the height of the shoulder inside the case pictured at the opening of this thread, and those in cases held by other people.

Edited to add another AMMOLOAD 9 mm headstamp to list.
Edited 2nd time to correct error in case material in list of 9 mm headstamps above.

John, MECA is a code illustrated on Anatolia’s shotshell Boxes and on their 9mm PAK boxes and blanks. They illustrate three case finish options, Copper, Brass and Zinc on their material so your cases are likely zinc plated, but perhaps they are unplated samples.

The shoulder question is interesting. My cases have a shoulder just above the case head.


Lew et al - I edited my first posting on this thread to add the headstamp
AMMOLOAD 9mm to the list. I was reminded I had that one also by the headstamp in the picture EOD sent in.

I find that I have another Ammoload cartridge case, this one a brass NUPE case. Originally I thought it was fired, but could see no extractor or ejector marks, no scratches from chambers or magazine lips, and no case explansion. I think the little black flecks in the case and primer pocket are not powder residue in my case, but rather remains of some sort of case-cleaning media.

At any rate, it is a Boxer-primer type brass case, headstamp: AMMOLOAD 45 AUTO. The headstamp bunting appears quite different than that on my steel case rounds of other calibers, leading me to believe this may be made for AMMOLOAD by someone other than the Turkish factory.

I thought I would add this information here, since this is sort of an “AMMOLOAD” thread.

On this case, there is that internal shoulder and it is much higher than the one in the steel cases - looks much like the 9 mm pictured first on this thread. That may be only typical of the brass cases, as I note no where in the opening info on this thread does it say that the case pictured is made of steel. It, too, is apparently a brass case, which I have not seen yet here in that caliber and headstamp combination.

I just found a couple of brass 9x19mm fired cases with the “AMMOLOAD 9mm LUGER” head stamp in an assortment of brass I picked up at the local indoor range here. Boxer primed with the ‘step’ inside the case…

If anyone needs these for their collection you can have them for the cost of the postage needed to get them to you. They have been processed and ready for reloading, so are not in ‘original’ condition…


AKMS - I could use a couple of these if available - one to keep whole and one to section. Will be happy to pay for postage and a little for the cases as well.

Please email me at the link below (“email”) with your address so I can send you a check when the time comes, and I will give you my address if you don’t have it already from IAA Directory.

Email sent John.


I found a box of Freedom Munitions which was loaded in AMMOTECH brass cases. Probably others load them also.