A gunsmith called Lloyd & Son in Lewes.
England or somewhere else ?


I grew up in Lewes, Sussex, and Lloyds had a gunshop in Station Street certainly in the early 1930s and probably brfore that. I believe they closed down in the 1960s or 70s, but am not certain of the date. They sold shotgun cartridges bearing their logo, but I can’t recall the headstamp - I wasn’t interested in headstamps in those days!

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“Lloyd & Son - 2 Station Street, Lewes, and 2 Middle Street, Horsham, Susses, England, 1775 to date (book published in 1963).”

Reference: Page 286, “Small Arms Makers,” by Colonel Robert E. Gardner

“Lloyd - James Lloyd, an English gunmaker, began trading from Priory Street, Southover, Lewes, Sussex, in 1831. A move to Station Street took place in 1851. By the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the trading style Lloyd & Sons had been adopted, and additional premises had been opened in Horsham. Appropriate marks have been found on sporting guns and ammunition, including shotgun cartridges sold under the names Imps (or Improved Imps) and Imperial Champion.”

Page 113, “The Greenhill Dictionary of Guns and Gunmakers,” by John Walter

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It is that !
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