LGS Finds 11-08, Part 4- Perc Caps, Flare, Caps, Books, .35 Rem & Chekov, HOW MUCH?

Goldmarks percussion Caps, not the best condition, but a very cool lable.

Kilgore 37mm Flare, not special, but printed and stamped info, WWII timeframe production.

The stamped info reads:
JULY 1942

Caps made by Kilgore and Mattel, interesting that they list the grain load.

Three book I picked up.

At the close of the show, a guy walks up and hands me these, with a “Happy Birthday, Jack”. A bunch of various .35 Remington, and a book of short stories by A. P. Chekov. In Russian. With a Russian-English Vocabulary at the end, which does not help. Anyone want a copy of short stories by Chekov?

And almost last, but certainly not least, an unopened can of .30-06.
No, I did not buy it. The goober selling it wanted $500. No, not a typo, yes, Five Hundred Dollars. At least 15 guys told him it was severly overpriced, and suggested a price it would sell for. By the end of the show, he had repriced it at $450. I offered $175, and waved cash at him, and I will not repeat what he called me.

And just for giggles, a box of Remington “Performance Wheelgun” .38 S&W, which I kind of wish I had bought, but, at this point, I was out of $. Cool box art.

In my opinion, considering $1-$2 per round for M2 AP is not at all unheard of, plus M1 en-bloc clips and bandoliers are not as cheap as they once were, the seller of that sealed can really was not too unrealistic with his price.

Based on the lot number, when were these cartridges manufactured?

I have seen the at fairly recent [at least Pre-C19 Panic] gun shows for $180~$225, which is why I made the offer, figured he would counter and barter, but I did not figure on him going ballistic and cursing me like I was a devil worshiper drenched in blood…

According to the internet, the Performance Wheel Gun ammunition is designed for competitive target shooting.

As far as I know, the .38 S&W is not a usual choice for that type of shooting. However there must be a demand or they wouldn’t have produced it.

The books are interesting. Many editions of Gluckman. That’s a later one. Gluckman wrote a similar book on US Martial Pistols & Revolvers. AFAIK, none are collectible, just interesting examples of the state of arms collectors’ knowledge back in the 30s & 40s.

The Johnson & Haven books were never intended for arms collectors. They were first published in the US about the start of WW2, intended for those who needed or wanted some general knowledge of things that went bang rapidly. “Ammunition” is far rarer than “Automatic Arms”. I’ve seen it sell for as little as $10 or as much as $100. The cartridge illustrations are worth a look. Not of Gene Scranton quality, but not bad. Contains some misinformation common to the day.

Yea, that is why I grabbed the pic. Seems like a fancy lable just to make more money.

I do not buy books for collectability, I bought them for info, and reading during the down time, which is longer and more often these days.