LIBERTY .357 Mag

Looking for the basic manufacturer’s info on “LIBERTY” headstamped .357.


OK, if I add some more to the description…?

This is a pre-Federal “Hydra-Shok” loading. I have found nothing on this headstamp elsewhere but figured it was an easy one. Found an old post reference to Hydra-Shok Corp. in Watkins Glen, NY, but says nothing of the “LIBERTY” headstamp.
Am I close?


The “LIBERTY” headstamp on .38 Special ammunition is a product of the Starline Corporation, made on contract with Liberty Cartridge Company, of Marietta, Georgia. The headstamp is found on .38 Special cases with both “38 SPL” and “38 SPL +P” as well as on .357 Magnum brass. The .38 +P brass was nickeled.

I don’t know the years this was made.

If found with a Hydr-Shok bullet, it probably is a reload, or else the old Hydra-Shok Company probably acquired some cases from Liberty. I doubt that liberty would have loaded a Hydr-Shok type bullet since I believe the design was patented.

Reference: “Otto’s 38s,” by Otto Witt, Volume One, Page L101-1


Thank you for the info. Based on what you say, I would assume it is a factory load by the Hydra-Shok Company as I obtained it before Federal invested in the product.


The Liberty headstamp is from the mid-1980’s.