Liberty Ammo "Halo Point" 9mm, .40, .45


A friend just pointed out to me that a company called Liberty Ammunition ( has some pistol ammo they make which appears unique and which has their own packaging, called “Halo Point” ammo. The graphics and font that they use are a play on the same style used by the popular video game “Halo”, and they are clearly angling for the tactical guru / home-defense shooter market. The website is sort of quirky to navigate and a rep there told me they are currently redesigning, but here are some pics:

The online ordering on the website isn’t working, but if you call the number listed they will answer and you can order stuff. As of today they had 45acp in stock, but were 2 weeks out on the 9mm & .40S&W. The headstamp looks to be Lapua, at least on the first pic of 9mm. I wonder what the bullet construction consist of? I will post as soon as I have samples, or has anybody already looked into these?

The owner / CEO Brent Willis looks pretty legitimate and an online bio that I found of him said this:

[quote]Brent Willis previously served as chairman and CEO of Vascular Technologies Inc., and as the CEO of the beverage company Cott Corporation. Prior to that, he held a variety of executive positions at InBev and AmBev, including global chief commercial officer and president. Earlier on, he served as president of Coca-Cola in Latin America, worked for Kraft Foods Inc. and served in the U.S. Army.
He holds a degree in engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. [/quote]

Liberty also makes a line of rifle ammo called T3 that looks impressive.


Interesting. The Lapua case is more interesting to me than the load. I don’t recall ever seeing Lapua Nickeled 9 mm Para brass before on a live cartridge (perhaps on a dummy, but I can’t even think of one there).

Guess I’ll have to look into this. I don’t buy many of these wonder-bullet loads any more since I consider their significance at about zero, unless they have their own headstamp of course.


A lot of nebulous claims are made about Halo ammunition with no supporting hard data. Reminds me of nearly the same claims made about the performance of RBCD ammunition. What happened to them, I wonder? Their website is apparently still live. I did a brief (very brief) test of RBCD ammo in 9mm once, it performed somewhat like the Air Freedom Extreme Shock 9mm, as I remember. Bullets basically blew up and fragmented very early, with little penetration. Am not sure that’s good unless you are concerned about the hazards of overpenetration.


John - Those Lapua cases might be nickled by Liberty since I am guessing that whatever those bullets are that they are nickling or somehow electroplating those as well, so they might do the cases along with? It wouldn’t be the first time that somebody had put an aftermarket coating on Lapua brass if that’s what it is, as I have seen these for sale online:

I’ll found out in a few weeks when I get everything from them.


Matt, do you happen to know what these 7.62x39 were in detail?


Those fake 7.62x39 rds are just some Lapua brass and typical steel core ball bullets that an unscrupulous seller in the U.S. nickel-plated and referred to as being original rare AP loads made by Lapua. The tip color was painted on by the same loader who sells this and other fake stuff on


Hmm, isn’t that guy in fear that one of his customers may use exactly this (fake) ammunition against him one day?


I’ve written, requesting samples…we shall see. The uberlight pistol bullets have never proven to be anything special with regards to wound ballistics in standard service calibers; however their 100gr 5.56x45mm cartridge might be noteworthy.

Re: RBCD…at some point I think DRT and RBCD either butted heads or shared tech, DRT has been absorbed by CorBon. The limited tests I conducted showed promise in rifle calibers, nothing but extra $$ in handgun cal. Getting that item to perform consistently in standardized testing would be a boon; LeMas/RBCD claimed that the standardized gel tests would not work since their projectiles are designed to upset in ‘warm’ stuff as opposed to the relatively cold test temp range of ballistics gelatin.

I’d still like to see someone revive the Flatau/PMC Ultramag projectile…very low recoil and better wounding effect than ball or unexpanded JHPs. Barrier penetration would suffer, but plenty of companies are making bank on projectiles that do not reliably defeat common barriers.