Liberty Ammunition & it's lead free bullets
Lawsuit about Liberty Ammunition & it’s lead free bullets

Pete, the rest of the story is probably very interesting. Thanks for giving us a peek under the tent.

$15M and $1.40/hundred is a tidy sum. I’d settle for that as a retirement income. I could afford to collect more than these old 9mmP!!!


First & foremost; the irony of Liberty Ammunition getting bent out of shape over a patent infringement is noteworthy since they committed a nearly identical, and fairly serious foul when they poached a Microsoft trademark with their original retail ammo incarnation “Halo Point”. Microsoft could have literally buried them alive if they wanted to pursue it, but they didn’t when Liberty stopped using the Halo image on their boxes.

The bullet in question for this lawsuit should be the M855A1, which to me, is not the most amazing, radical & innovative thing ever. It’s just an exposed steel tip penetrator which happens to have a bi-metal core that is lead free. It’s like an over-complicated version of similar things which had already been done by the Russians, and also Anthena in France.

Marx / Liberty is very, very lucky. Hopefully with all this new capital they will create some neat new specialty ammo for retail sale. Maybe some more custom headstamped brass.