Liberty Ammunition update - L.E.O. AP

Liberty Ammunition has recently updated their website and are now showing photos of the Law Enforcement version of their Halo-Point pistol cartridges for the first time.
The 9x19 and .45acp look like a similar material to the civilian hollow point versions which is some sort of aluminum / nickel / tin ? metal, and the .40S&W looks closer to a copper / bronze type of metal. They all have a small dimple in the bullet tip, and appear to be solid monolithic. The descriptions mention a hollow impression in the base to facilitate tumbling upon initial penetration for greater wounding effect and prevention of over-penetration. They are very lightweight and have relatively high velocities for their caliber. The manufacturers are, however showing limited range effectiveness at around 25 meters (which most pistol encounters would fall into) and so they must have rapid velocity decay due to low weight:

9x19 55gr - 2025fps

.40S&W 65gr - 1900fps

.45acp 75gr - 1800fps

The website does make some erroneous claims such as this bullet type being the “only known pistol load to be capable (implies currently) of penetrating NIJ level IIIA body armor at 25 meters from a 5” pistol barrel." There are others of course, including the 5.8x21 from the QSZ-92 pistol, the VBR paralight, the M.E.N. DM91, the 6.5x25 CBJ, all the Russian exposed steel core stuff, and I’m fairly certain that even the old venerable Swedish M/39B (and its clones) would cut through a level IIIA vest, and there are other odd projectiles that can do it from .357sig and the like.
Maybe they just mean the “only known pistol load in use by American law enforcement” or “only known ammo produced in America” to be capable of such a feat…?




They also show this solid brass/copper? 9x19 “training load”, which was apparently for an FBI contract, and there was also a hollow point version to go along with it.:

They wont release any of the L.E.O. stuff for public consumption, but the silver/tin HP Halo-Points are all available in the civilian ammo section.

The headstamps are all commercial (RWS on the ones I have) or Starline thus far.

Great info!!! Thanks.


I sadly haven’t received any of the samples I requested, and no correspondence/updates from them for a long while.